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Themed Scrapbook Albums Make Scrapbooking a Breeze

Updated on September 5, 2009

Scrapbooking is one of the leading hobbies in the craft world. The reason for this could be that it is something that will bring years of enjoyment to not only the creator but the entire family and future generations. A new scrapbooker will definitely feel overwhelmed when beginning a scrapbook. One trip to a craft store and the amount and variety of supplies fills up an entire section of the store; there are even scrapbook stores that are entirely dedicated to memory crafts. A seasoned scrapper may hit a plateau and feel they have run out of ideas. One of the best ways to approach scrapbooking is by making themed albums. This helps the scrapper organize the sometimes massive amount of photos and narrow the scope of needed supplies.

This article will provide some suggested themes for scrapbook albums. Once the creative juices begin to flow there are sure to be other ideas!

Heritage Album

A Heritage Album is a favorite among seasoned scrappers. The album can be not only beautiful but also a cherished family heirloom providing a bridge to past generations. This type of album may take some research and preparation but is sure to be worth the time spent. By talking to extended family members and doing a little digging stories and information can be found on family ancestors. Gathering photos for this project may also take some time. Let family members know what you are working on and ask to borrow photos so you can scan them for use in your album. Include a family tree page and any information you have on genealogy. There are entire lines of scrapbooking supplies for use on a heritage album but these can also be made by scanning old lace, letters, recipes, or other memorabilia for use as a background. Step back in time and let your imagination run wild.

Christmas Album

A Christmas Album is a fun and easy beginner's project. Everyone has plenty of Christmas photos and there are massive Christmas themed supplies and embellishments available including stickers, rubber stamps, paper, ribbon, buttons, and the list goes on and on. Check out scrapbook magazines and websites for unending layout ideas. The natural order of this album would be chronological but it could also be arranged by tradition or activity. Include stories, explain family traditions, and even include favorite recipes in the album. The album is great to teach children about family traditions and also makes a great addition to any coffee table at Christmas each year.

Back to School Album

How about a Back to School Album.  This album could include pictures taken on the first day of school every year and some journaling about likes and dislikes, goals for the year, teachers, schedules, etc.  This is a good example of uses for smaller albums such as the 8x8 style.  This is an easy project for a beginner or even the child them self.  Projects such as this are a great way to promote self esteem in a child and to prepare them for the new year.

Tribute Album

A Tribute Album can be an emotional but healing project.  This is an album that celebrates the life of a loved one who has passed away.  There is research that suggests that this activity is therapeutic.  It can be created by the person who has lost a loved one or by a friend or other family member as a gift.  This album would include photos that represent the person's life as well as stories, accomplishments, characteristics, favorite quotes and even letters, poems or journal entries written by the person.  Also included can be stories or letters from friends and family about what the person meant to them or their favorite memory.

Pet Album

Another example of a cute small album is a Pet Album.  People love their pets and are a big part of their lives.  This can be a fun project that can even be done by children.  Once again embellishments are vast in this category.  The album can be made of one pet or a larger album can include a history of the family's pets.

Baby Album

An obvious choice for a themed album is a Baby Album.  The photo scrapbook can replace a traditional baby book to include the baby's firsts and milestones.  This is another project that is great fun and plenty of embellishments are available including baby girl or boy decorated albums.  This also makes a great gift for a grandparent and can even be made using a small album to use as a brag book.  As the child gets older they will love looking through their baby album.

Project Album

It's fun to track those large projects in a family's life such as the building of a new house or the renovation of a house.  Plan ahead and take before and after pictures as well as every step of the way.  There are usually some funny stories that come from projects - some might not be funny at the time but looking back on them they are.  For building projects there are some fun papers and stickers to use but once again use your imagination to create your own background and embellishments.

Vacation Album

Vacations make up some of the favorite family memories and are a perfect topic for a theme album. Some vacations may require an entire album just for that vacation while another album could hold photos and memories from shorter trips and even day trips and staycations. Once again, the embellishments available are vast including stickers, rubber stamps and paper for most destinations. Carnival Cruise Line even sells albums and scrapbook kits on board their ships. Plan ahead by taking tons of pictures on your vacation and also having a journal with you to record travel schedules, funny stories, people you meet and any other observations of the places you visit. Also collect brochures, menus, matchbooks, etc. to use as memorabilia, backgrounds and embellishments for your scrapbook.

Faith Album

A Faith Album is one that documents the milestones in your life that have contributed to your faith. This can be a very personal album but also one that will mean a great deal to family members and future generations. It is also a good exercise to help the creator of the album reflect on what has shaped them and the role that God has played in their life. It also helps them see how they have grown and gives them strength to see how they have survived through tough times.

 As you can see the possibilities for themed scrapbook albums are endless and just take a bit of imagination.  When looking at piles of pictures it can be very overwhelming and cause one to procrastinate or even give up on preserving their photos and memories.  By breaking it down and organizing photos by themes it helps to give one a place to start.  The satisfaction of a finished album and seeing the joy that it brings to others is the best benefit of scrapbooking.


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    • ADAMSRIB profile image

      ADAMSRIB 6 years ago

      I have been attempting to start scrapbooking for several years now. Purchased everything I could possibly need and still haven't done a page. Don't know why, but after reading your hub, I think I know where I can start. Thank you so much.

    • bayareagreatthing profile image

      bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

      What a great article. I love scrap booking. I am making one right now that is a journal of my life. It is a work in progress :)