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Understanding the Types of Scrapbook Scissors

Updated on January 7, 2013


Scrapbooking scissors are the most essential tools a scrapbooker needs to complete any layout or off the page creation. And yet they often receive the least consideration; the tool we grab for when we need to cut something, but only really take notice when they don't fit the purpose we need, at the point in time.

When we go to use scissors, we need to consider their use to determine which pair is the best for that application. There are three main categories of scrapbooking scissors; general use scissors, specific purpose scissors and fancy scissors, also known as edging scissors.

Example of scrapbooking Scissor effects

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Example of a single scissor edge effect.Example of using scrapbooking scissors on your projects
Example of a single scissor edge effect.
Example of a single scissor edge effect.
Example of using scrapbooking scissors on your projects
Example of using scrapbooking scissors on your projects

Understanding Scrapbooking Scissors

General use scrapbooking scissors are the scissors we pick up to complete those everyday jobs; cutting tape, trimming an embellishment or cutting around a rub-on before adding it to our layout. As these scissors are used all of the time, they need to be sturdy, have conformable scissors that fit our hand and have solid blades so that they can be sharpened when they begin to get blunt. We also need to store these scissors correctly; with blades closed and either flat or with handles up. They also need to be within easy reach, which helps to make sure we use the correct tool when we need it, rather that using another tool that isn;t the right one but only because it is the only implement we can find at the time. We also need to ensure they are kept clean (there is nothing worse that cutting vellum tape with dirty scissors and see that dirt transferred into our design) and dry, to prevent rust and generally mucking up what we are cutting. While these scissors are used for every day activities it is worth considering having a good quality set aside for scrapbooking and crafting that are separate for your kitchen and children (hubbie) use.

Specific purpose scissors are those scissors that are bought for a special purpose. Small pointed scissors are needed for fine cutting like with decoupage or trimming around embellishments or images to transfer without a border. Short bladed, shard successors, often with spring opening, are used for cutting up unmounted rubber stanp plates or trimming indiviudual rubber stamps, before mounting. These rubber stamps need the sharp scissors to cut through the rubber. then when mounting , with or on sefl advhesive foam or the velrco tryp system.

Fancy or decorative edged scissors are those scissors that produce a shaped edge. They range from simple pattern scissors like pinking, cloud or postage stamp patterns, right through to those fancy patterns with names like Victorian and Aztec. These are incredibly fun to use and useful to use on any project as they offer a variety patterns and fancier effects by creating borders without adding anything extra.

As for brand or price, it depends, the band name ones work better and have lasted longer. However some of the generic ones do work just as well considering they cost only a dollar or two making them hard to past up. So for you next project do try these different types to increase the creative look and feel of you projects.

Happy scrapping

What is your favourite Scrapbooking scissors pattern?

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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      I really enjoyed your hub Mixed Media Art

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      fine detailed hub work thanks