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See the Monument "Mercy" Symbolizing "Peace at a Time of War"

Updated on January 31, 2010

His Hopes, Vision, and Dreams...

I'm writing this story about Bill Logan, my husband, a great artist. Whom has yet to be discovered for his talent. In the year of 1991, he started a statue to symbolize peace, mercy and brotherhood throughout the world. Being a former 82nd Airborne Soldier his inspiration for the statue came from the Desert Shield/Storm War after watching Cable News Network (CNN). What did he see?

The Statue "Mercy"

Compassion During a Time of War

There was a shabbily dressed Iraqi elite guard of war in the desert being captured by an American soldier. As the Iraqi guard approached the soldier from a distance, he walked with his hands raised and once in front of the Soldier, he dropped to his knees begging not to be killed. The American soldier held out his hand to help up the Iraqi guard, letting him know he was in no danger. My husband captured the moment in time and he was inspired to design and sculpture the statute.

Hard Work and Materials

He had a vision of how he wanted the statue to look in his head. It took over a month to create the preliminary drawings. The statue was made using a mixture of clay and propane-based wax called plasticina. This was perfect, since plasticina will not harden and remained malleable for months. While working a full-time job, he would come home and work for many hours, sometimes throughout the entire night. Finally, after more than 700 hours the clay miniaturette was created. The miniaturette was then incased in a silicone molding which was cut away in filled with wax. The wax mold was then covered with a ceramic shell that was heated to loosen the wax. The ceramic shell was then filled with molten bronze and the statue "Mercy" was born.

American Soldier

Iraqi Elite Guard

Want to Order a Miniaturette Statue

Miniaturette statues are available for purchase and a percentage of the proceeds will be used to fund the dream of constructing the monument. Send your contact information to and you will be contacted personally.


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    • SmartLook profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago


      Thank you for taking time out to read the article and making such a great comment.

    • profile image

      Zoe Sutton 

      10 years ago

      Zoe, Billy is my uncle, I've never known that he could sculpt. On my opinion the statue is wonderful, the best part of it is the detail. I hope that my uncle's statue gets alot of support from lots of people.


      Luv U,


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Many times during a war, all we hear is "Destroy the Enemy". I believe sometimes we have to remember that the "enemy" is not necessarily the men and women who are soldiers. There are more ways to destroy the enemy than just killing the men and women on the battle field. This piece of art reminds us that our soldiers are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and even though they take an oath to defend their country, it doesn't mean they have to be merciless. I realize that sometimes it's a very hard call to determine if it's safe to assist people like this because there are suicide bombers on the other side, but I believe the media has distorted those statistics and it's nice that Mr. Logan has reminded us that there is also a humanitarian effort happening during the "Destroy the Enemy" campaign. Great job!

    • SmartLook profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago


      It's a great pleasure to know that you are supportive and truly admire my artistic abilities. Thanks for letting me know how Dad and Mom also felt about my art. I must agree Teresa is a wonderful wife and cook! Love Always - Bill & Teresa

    • profile image

      Ray Rapu 

      10 years ago

      What a pleasant reflection of such an interesting work of art. I clearly remember the newspaper articles that arrived in the mail while I was in Nigeria over 10 years ago, and how we were excited that our brother’s work made the papers. Dad and Mom cherished the newspaper articles and threatened to spank us if we messed it up.

      Bill, I am proud to say that your artistic work would never die or loss it place in time. The impact of my brother’s brilliant work lives in me and all that I continue to do. You have great courage and determination and the Rapu Family and friends will watch your progress not just with interest but with grate of respect.

      You took a huge challenge - we wish you and your family every success.

      Thank you Bill and Congratulations!

      PS - by the way Teresa Logan is a wonderful, loving and very supportive wife whom I am proud to know and enjoy her cooking. Thank you Teresa for being all you can be to your man.

    • SmartLook profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago


      Thank you for your wonderful comments and your stead fast support! We want you to know that your future support is greatly appreciated. Love always your brother and sister

    • profile image

      Bill Logan 

      10 years ago


      Thank you for your support throughout the years and I look forward to adding to your art collection. Your Uncle Billy

    • profile image

      Schimona McBryde-Rapu 

      10 years ago

      Bill Logan is my brother-in-law, although I would be inclinced to just say he is my brother. I have had the pleasure of seeing some of Bill's work and I have been extremely impressed with not only his work, but his heart as well. I think this statue is outward symbol of the sentiments of his heart. I have often times shared with my husband how blessed he is to have Bill as a brother and I always encourage him to have a close relationship. Bill, I will do whatever I can to assist you in making this a monument. It is not only significant to the time we are in, but to what this nation stands for. I applaud you for the drive to bring what we live into a reality in such a way that we can be reminded each day and I applaud your drive to always be the best that you can be. I love you and your family and I am in awe that your wife would submit this article on your behalf. Here's to an awesome man and woman.

    • profile image

      LaTasha Boozer 

      10 years ago

      Bill Logan is my uncle. His artwork is and always has been beautiful. An original signed painting done by him hangs on my dining room wall. I have seen this miniaturette in person...and it is touching to view. Not only is it beautiful, it is amazingly detailed! Bill has a dream of turning his miniaturette into a monument and I support him and hope that many others will support him as well. With so many negative things going on in todays world, we need something to remind us of just what this mini statue stands for... Peace, Mercy, and Brotherhood!


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