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why you should Pick a Serger Sewing Machine

Updated on May 8, 2011

A couple years ago I purchased a new Baby lock embroidery sewing machine.  What a neat sewing machine it is.  It embroiders beautifully.  There are so many digitized embroidery designs to choose from that I have a hard time picking and deciding what I want to make.  The one thing that bothered me about the items I was making is that the seams didn’t have the finished look and strength that I wanted.

I decided it was time to take a look at a serger.  I did not want to spend a lot on another sewing machine as I splurged for my embroidery sewing machine.  I took some time and researched serger sewing machines and different brands.  I learned that threading a serger machine can be quite daunting; enough so that seamstresses with sergers tend to not change the threads in their sergers because it can be quite a task to do so.  Some sewing machine service and repair shops charge $25.00 or more to thread a serger sewing machine for their customers.  Take this into consideration when you are looking for sewing machines for sale.

I decided to go to my local sewing machine store where I purchased my Baby lock embroidery machine.  I wanted to take a look at a Baby lock serger.  As soon as they demonstrated the Baby lock Imagine I was hooked.  This serger sewing machine is so easy to thread that you can switch threads as readily as you can on a regular sewing machine.  I continued to think I could get by with a less expensive serger, but I could not get past the automatic threading feature of the Baby lock Imagine and Enlighten.  I gave in a purchased the Baby lock Enlighten.  I love this serger machine.  It has more than filled the gap I had in my sewing projects.  I have used my embroidery sewing machine more since I purchased my new serger.  It has been a win-win.

A serger sewing machine is different from a regular sewing machine in that it cuts the seam allowance off as you sew.  You have much less room for error. Once you get used to how you use a serger sewing machine you will wonder what you ever did without one.  Sergers can be good sewing machines for beginners.  There are seamstresses who only use a serger machine when making clothes and craft projects.

When you have a situation where you will not be able to serge a seam you can use the serger to finish each individual edge.  That way you always have a professional looking finish.  Another thing to take into consideration when serging a seam for a project is that you can have a smaller seam allowance when you have a serged seam than you normally make with a normal sewing machine.  I like a ¼ inch seam on a serging machine versus a 5/8 inch seam for regular sewing machine sewing.


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