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Set your goal while creating corporate video animation for your company

Updated on April 14, 2015

Using animated media to promote your business or service is no longer a new approach. Creating videos for your company is however the latest trend. It is a well-known fact that today this medium of advertising is among the fastest growing advertising methods. According to research, 64% of people who have watched a video ad on the internet are most likely to buy that product. Thus, if you are not using a video to explain and promote your business then you are definitely missing out your part of the cheese. There are several companies who can provide you with professional quality video production service. However, setting your goals while you opt for a video will help you minimize your efforts, expenses and maximize your output.

Goal 1: Identifying the purpose of creating this video.

The need for creating a video may be due to several reasons. It can be simply for creating brand awareness. It can be for training purposes, it can be an overview to explain your product or it can be a viral video. Whatever it is, you should be well aware of your purpose so that you can be confident throughout the video creation process and do not suffer from mind fluctuations.

Goal 2: Identifying your target audience and their geographic location.

If you are able to identify the age group of your audience and where they come from you are definitely going to hit the nail on the head. Sometimes it may be confusing because you may feel that they come from several different places and they may be anyone using the internet. While it is true that you would always want to make the video targeted to all, it would be wise to try to identify if there is a majority group or location.

Goal 3: Avoiding the urge to stuff all details into the video.

After stuffing all that you have to say, you may feel very relaxed hoping that your audience will be delivered all the information. This is a miss-conception. The fact is your viewers mind is going to register only key points. As a business owner it may be difficult for you to limit what you want to say in your video but you need to control your mind here. Make the video to the point; it should be short and sweet. Long videos tend to lose the viewers interests.

Goal 4: Determining the animation style.

At first instant this may seem completely irrelevant to you. You may feel that this is the job of the company who will be creating the corporate video animation for business. While it is OK to ask the company to come up with their best suggestion on which style may be a good fit for your video, you need to make sure you like the style yourself and you are able to relate it to your product when you think from a viewer perspective. It is often advised that you invest considerable amount of time in viewing company portfolios and comparing styles offered.

Setting your goals while definitely give you confidence towards creating an awesome video for your business.

Animated corporate video


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