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How to Set up Money Making Gel Candle Display Racks For a Craft Fair Show

Updated on November 14, 2011

 So you have made it to the point of making gel candles, to where you want to sell them to the public for a profit. Selling your candles is a great way to help pay for the supplies for your hobby.
Selling at local craft Fairs is one great way to do this.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to set up an eye catching Display Stand.

Here is what you will need:

Table that you will be setting your display on.
Two or three display racks.
Black Cloth.
Set of WHITE X-mas lights maybe 2 sets.
Safety pins.
Extension cord.
Access to power at the craft fair.

When you call to rent a spot at the craft fair, ask if electricity is available.
You sometimes can also rent tables, if you do not have one.

OK, first you will want to have your display racks built.

What I did was built two display racks that looked like stairs.
Each display rack consisted of 3 steps. The length of these are up to you.
The depth of each step has to be enough to support your candle and allow an inch or better clearance in front and behind your candle. (this helps insure your candle will not easily get bumped off)

The best practice is use your largest candle jars to build around.

Once your display stands are built, it is best to do a dry set up at home before setting up at a craft fair.
If you do not have your own table that you will be using at the craft fair, set up on kitchen table for now.

Now time for the black cloth.
If you can not acquire black cloth, get the darkest cloth you can. Deep navy blue works well too.
You can usually get cloth by the yard at your local craft store.

Drape the cloth over both the display stands and the table.
You will want enough cloth so not only does it drape over the display stands but it also reaches the floor in the front of the table and sides. (where your customers will be standing.)

Considering most bolts of cloth come only 4 feet wide, you may have to sew pieces together to get the right dimensions.
Or, if your lucky you can buy a set of king or queen size black sheets.

Once you have your cloth draped over the display stand and table, it's time for the white x-mas lights.
Run the lights along the back edge of each step.
Fasten the lights secure with safety pins.

Now after making sure your lights work, Place your gel candles on the display racks.
if possible place the jars in front of each light bulb.
Try to make it so from the customer's point of view they can not see any white lights without seeing a candle in the way.

What you are trying to do is make the Xmas lights illuminate each candle you have up for sale.
The light from the x-mas bulbs will give the candle the look that it would have while lit.
Therefore increasing potential sales when you can show the customer the beauty of a lit gel candle.

I know this set up process takes time. But I assure you, it's worth it.
So get busy and practice this set up and be the talk of your next craft fair.

A couple of bonuses with this set up.

1. you will want a dimmer area for your table. And since most people don't want that, you will most likely have where ever you want.

2. even if your not close to the door. As long as your in eye sight, so the customer sees your set up from the door. You WILL get lookers.

3.Remember how I said make sure the cloth goes to the floor? This way you can store your empty candle boxes, your bags and cash box under the table. And it won't be an eye sore and taking away the look of your display of candles.

Hope this helps you with your craft fair sales.


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    • Mike B. profile image

      Mike B. 4 years ago

      Hi, unfortunately I do not. The pictures of my booth (from 2002) are in the possession of my ex-wife.

    • profile image

      Renee 4 years ago

      Do you have any photos of the finished display?

    • Mike B. profile image

      Mike B. 5 years ago

      You are most welcome.

    • Briar-Rose profile image

      Briar-Rose 5 years ago from Niagara Ontario Canada

      Fantastic ideas! Thank you for posting!