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Sewing Machine Needle Plate or Throat Plate For Singer, Janome

Updated on October 17, 2011

A needle plate, also known as a throat plate, is an important part of a sewing machine.

It's usually made of metal although in some cases it may be made of heavy duty plastic.

The needle plate serves several roles, the most important of which is to guide the needle into the thread beneath the material being sewn and stop the thread being caught in the needle hole.

Secondary to this is the need for the plate to protect the machine itself as well as the material.

The needle plate must be in good condition to stop the thread being caught, as well as being screwed into the machine the exact location for the needle to push through the hole. 

It's important to select the correct needle plate for your sewing machine.
It's important to select the correct needle plate for your sewing machine.

Needle Plate Shapes & Holes

It's important to choose the correct needle plate.

Every brand of sewing machine has a different needle plate which will not adapt between brands.

In many cases, different machines by the same brand name will require different sizes or shapes of needle plates.

Plates come in a range of shapes from oblong through to round and square - the design really depends on the style of machine.

On the right you can see there is a wide selection of plates available, including those for Singer and Janome sewing machines.

However, it's important that you check what model of sewing machine you own, to get the correct part - a similar but incorrect part is useless since it generally won't fit and often is impossible to sew with.

Why do throat plates have so many holes?

If you're wondering why the plates have so many lines, spaces, shapes and holes, the answer is simple - it's because sewing is a complicated business.

The needle on most machines can be set up to do a wide range of tasks which often involve either moving the needle or forcing the needle to only strike one place on the material.

Some examples of different times when a needle plate is useful include creating button holes and intricate designs on material.

What about second hand needle plates?

It's best to always buy new plates, since second hand ones may be worn or not fit correctly.

The only exception to this is if you have an older style sewing machine which is difficult to find replacement parts for.

Click through on the right to see an even wider selection of plates available to suit nearly every sewing machine.


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