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Modern views on "Art"

Updated on May 14, 2018

Spending money in conserving ancient art forms. Should this practice be encouraged?

Ancient art forms like dance , songs , paintings are being focused by government, especially to preserve them in near future. Huge amount is spent to preserve statues or monuments created hundred's of years ago. It also take highly skilled archaeologists to study and repair them if damaged.

For instance there are various ancient paintings by famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci which are preserved in louvre museum.

India has rich heritage of ancient art forms. Taj Mahal , Ajanta Elora caves, etc are preserved and repaired regularly by archaeological department of India.

Old books written by Old scholars like Aryabhatta , Plato,Scorates, Shakespeare etc are also properly conserved in libraries.

Every country invest huge amount of money in conservation of these ancient monuments and art forms. However there are few who are against this idea. For instance some youths think that there are not much money to feed all in underdeveloped country like India. How come we are investing this amount to preserve something which has no significance in present time?

In conclusion to above points there few common areas where people are against this investment:-

  • There are rules like , no society can be developed within 100 meters range of monument. In crowded place like Delhi where there is shortage of space for living. Also people are living in slums, why is this rule followed?
  • Huge amount of government money is spent in maintenance of these art forms. If country is poor, why cant same amount be spent in upliftment of society instead of spending here.

However there are far more positive reviews in favor of investing in ancient art conservation as compared to cons.

  • Ancient art forms are big attraction for people ,as at present these rarely exist.
  • Tourism in turn generate huge economic gain for country.
  • Apart from money investment, huge dependent jobs are created in this respect.Like souvenirs shops, eating joints, joy rides, malls etc.

Why few people are attracted towards Art?

In this fast moving world people are completely busy in competing and sustaining themselves. They work in shifts or support 24*7 to earn more. This lifestyle leaves very less time for them to invest in leisure activities.

However there are few areas where they like to enjoy like pubs , disco, restaurants, malls, site seeing etc. Attending exhibitions, concerts and theater includes very special kind of audience. These people enjoy quality cinema/art/dances etc.

With fast moving lifestyle , spending time in exhibitions or art museum is considered boring. Its regularly replaced by watching 3D movies or animated films. There are instances where sketch artist or painters sit on road sides to make live sketch or portrait of people. But its for sure , these people don't earn an handsome amount.

In conclusion to above discussion below are the summarized points that points out less interest of people about art:-

  • Perception of artist, only few could understand:-An artist painting has no boundaries. Its pure painting of squirrels or it might contain some message. Less interesting it is ,since only few could understand these arts.
  • Time Limit!:-Art exhibition or ancient museum contain various texts/antique items which are no doubt , beautiful . However to enjoy each painting/statue one has to understand story behind same. People don't have huge time to understand the story behind each and every sculpture.
  • Interested in gadgets and new technology:- Nowadays new generation finds interest in new and innovative technologies. They literally live in virtual world. LED TVs , X Box , Youtube, Facebook ,Twitter , Whatsapp etc. They don't have time and patience to enjoy ancient art forms like dances, opera , theater , art museums etc.
  • Less number of artist left , so does less accessibility for art exhibitions:- Since painting, dance etc are considered less rewarding and struggled profession , (especially in India), number of artist have become less . So does number of paintings exhibitions and live theater.
  • Decreased interest of people to invest money to maintain art forms:- Very few invest their personal money in rejuvenating dying art forms like classical singing , dances like Kalaripayattu.
  • Increased use of machines instead of hand made art:-Hand made arts , do have a sense of uniqueness in the way they are created. An "antique" and "single piece" feature is attached with them. But they take lot of time as compared to machines. Machines take less time to create art items like flower vase/paintings/cute baskets.Since with advent of technology in coming years, everything is fast. So people patience is reduced. They cant wait to get finished product quickly. Its one of the main reason , art is diminishing gradually.

Puppetry:- Dying art form in India

Shoud art be part of school curriculum?

Art is a vast term used for various areas like Dance, Music, Painting,drawing,fashion, creating sculptures etc.Usually schools include many of the following activities in schools as part of hobby periods. Children participate in these activities and sometime get rewards too.

But at the same time there are many examples of schools skipping these recreational activities. Many schools impose on children to skip extra period assigned for these activities and use this time for subject wise extra classes.

There are also few instance when children who participate in inter/intra college competitions get less marks in subjects due to lack of time devotion.

Its also being noticed that at various schools sports is much preferred and better competitive platform as compared to art. Many times schools use art forms as display in annual functions. But don't organize or participate in art related competitions.

However if we take case of summer/winter vacations we can also find few examples where schools encourage these hobbies. They assign children some interesting art assignments in their holidays.

In short , above discussion talks about school process incorporating art activities in their own way,there are few views against inclusion of art as a subject/period in schools schedule.Below are the points for same:-

  • Art cannot be converted to successful profession quickly:- Many people think that including art activities at school level are unnecessary since this cannot be followed as a profession later on. Singing , dancing , painting , etc required years of struggle with meager pay.Its less rewarding profession as compared to engineering or medical. So ultimately including art period is waste of time and kind of misguiding for children to be interested in.
  • Some art forms are very expensive:- There are few art forms like music which are very expensive to learn.It requires use of some costly instruments like sitar or guitar. It also requires dedicated time which is very difficult to manage with studies.

On the other hand few are in favor of these activities:-

  • Art/colors gives happiness to children:- As part of hobbies , art gives happiness to children. They feel relaxed and creative in these activities. It also improves other aspects of child's life.
  • Child's mind becomes sharper and child become all rounder:- When child does things that are of his /her interest , he perform it by giving his/her 100%.He/ she become all rounder.They become more sharper by managing time efficiently.
  • Child become more confident: When child participate in writing interesting content for school news letter, or perform dance in front of huge audience, his/her confidence increases.His eye contact, gestures , postures , in short many body language features are affected in positive way.

Freedom factor:- An important ingredient for Art

There has always been a debate over this thought:- "Freedom". Book writers or painters or sketchers can bring forth an imaginary world that does not exist.Also at the same time they can bring forth some forbidden topics in world. They can work on stories of true events and all characters that are involved in these events with few evidences and witnesses.

Many times their perception and description of an incidence hurt people sentiments thereby creating controversies.For instance a recent attack in "Charlie Hebdo" magazine in France. An Islamic terrorist group "Al- Qaeda" attacked this magazine head quarters. They want to take revenge against magazine for printing vulgar pictures of "Prophet Mohammed".

However as an artist, they should get full rights to paint their ideas. If this would not be the way, how could famous painter "Leonardo D Vinci" paint his imagination an "Aeroplane" even when it didn't exist?

Artists freedom is just like water. It has no way, no boundaries, no social , political , religious factors bounding them to restrict their art. An Indian movie "Rang Rasiya" is a good example of artist freedom.It shows imagination of "Raja Ravi Verma" who painted various Gods and Goddesses using a prostitute as a model.His move was condemmed by society.However he won case against all religious leaders.

Similar case applied to "Dan Brown". His novel " The vinci code" contains some controversial text about "Jesus Christ" . His book become famous because of its controversial status, but he faced fear of his death for some time.

With above examples we can say that artist should get freedom expression in their areas. But if its manipulating and affecting minds of innocent people in wrong way, they should not be allowed to do so.Or may be restrict their access to certain categories.

Like for instance "Fifty Shades of Grey" book was released few years back in America. It contains some erotic content which could affect a small child's mind. Therefore this book should be restricted to adults only.

Low pay:- An inhibiting factor in artist growth

As mentioned above , art is diminishing gradually. It is contributed by growing lack of interest by people as well as artists. These are kind of leisure/ recreational activities which are taken as profession.Their demand is comparatively less as compared to hard core jobs like doctors , engineers etc. Likewise they have to create their niche domain persuadable and hot/ happening to gain people interest.The hard core jobs are requirements of people. I.e. people are bound to use these services for their day to day activities. Like everybody needs lawyer to fight his/ her case. Similarly we do need doctors for treatment and the story goes on. Investing time and money in art is more fun for rich people. Their basic necessities are already fulfilled. They have enough money to spend on artistic drawings, sculptures, watching dance, theater etc.So ultimately it is more or less limited to upper/ middle class people. Art becomes an option for people to spend or not.

However there are various reality shows where artist can show their talent and reach out to wider audiences. They can make people crazy for them. People like A R Rehman , Rihanna , Britney Spears , Michael Jackson etc have made huge money with their singing talent. People buy their music CDs and attend their live concerts.

But it was all difficult for them to create mark in world. They had to struggle and live with meager pay initially. There would be many artist who would have accepted their loss and moved ahead to another profession. The main reason behind same is less pay.

If government could support these up coming artist in their phase of struggle, they can move ahead and easily sustain pressure. Once they have a name in their industry , they can touch new heights.

Artist royalty paid by music record company

Which your favorite art form?

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© 2015 Shuchi12


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    • Shuchi12 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I solely agree with you. I myself want to be a writer, but m working as an IT engineer in India. In developing country , we are not paid by government when unemployed. Moreover pension is also not given to us when we age. so We have no choice but to choose the best possible source of income even if we don't like it. :(

    • profile image

      Jennifer Fink 

      3 years ago from Brentwood CA

      A couple of thoughts; one, it takes time to look at true art forms, settle your mind and just absorb what you are seeing. I don't think most people are interested enough to take this time. It's hard in a hurry up world to stop, breathe and appreciate something someone has created. I think the average worker appreciates simpler things because they don't have the time or money (or desire) for the truly luxurious things. Taking time to gaze at art is a luxury many don't realize they can afford.

      Two, it's not until we reach the latter years of our lives that we appreciate what has come before. We start to look at old family photographs and we appreciate them because they are a part of our history. When you're working, raising children, doing things in your community, it's hard to slow down enough to realize that maybe, you're doing something that could be preserved for future generations to look at and learn from.

      Just a couple of thoughts. Art is not appreciated in the United States, not like high paying careers. It's sad but it's hard to argue that an artist creating something to look at should be valued as much as a doctor curing cancer. That's coming from a professional photographer who is seeing her industry die a slow death!


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