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Silk Flower Arrangement - Tall Vase

Updated on February 7, 2019
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I learned Japanese Ikebaka and Western style flower arrangement. I worked as a flower designer in the past and it was a joyful experience.

Silk Flower Arrangement

Explanation about the Materials

The number of the flowers are just suggestions. It is depends on the flower you pick. The size and shape are very important for the arrangement. Please pick some pointed (spiky) long shapes for the height of the arrangement. Lupin (Lupinus), Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon) and Gladiolus are nice spiky flowers. The large around shape flowers for focal points. Roses, Dahlia, Peony and Sun flowers are large around flowers. Hydrangea stem could use as a large flower or a filler flower since Hydrangea's flowerhead is gathered with small flowers.You can use leaves to cover the open space of the foam. It is nice to have some large leaves to hide the spaces.

Step by step silk flower arrangement - tall vase

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  1. Cut the foam to fit on top of the Vase. Make sure the foam will stay on the edge of the vase. Do not cut too small. The foam should be out of the vase's edge at least 2 inches (depends on the size of the vase).
  2. Put some rocks or marbles inside of the vase for the weight before you stable the foam on the vase.
  3. You can tape around the foam with flower tape. This way, less chance to show the foam itself if you have a open space in the arrangement. (You could use Spanish moss to cover also.)
  4. Start making picks with spiky flowers. Cut about same size. a little longer than the vase height. Use pick machine to pinch the stem with metal picks.
  5. If you do not have a pick machine or tool, you can use wood picks wire with the stems. If you do not like to bother with picks, you can cut the stem angle sharp enough to push into the foam. It just easier to push into the foam when you have picks at the end and stay well with foam. If you push flat stem or too large stem into the foam, sometime the foam might split and break.
  6. I cover around the stems with flower tape. Anything mechanical should be covered in order to make the arrangement real flower looks. But it is optional.
  7. Arrange spiky flowers to make triangle shape over all. It is up to you any triangle shape you like. I prefer an isosceles triangle, vertically higher.
  8. Do the same for the large around focal flowers. The length should be shorter than those spiky flowers. Arrange large around focal flower to the eye focal spots people will see first. Center of the triangle you made with spiky flowers. (Triangle view from side)
  9. After you placed the focal flowers, you arrange the rest of filling flowers. You can place anywhere around to make well balanced arrangement. The filling flowers should be a little (1/2 to 1 inch ) shorter than focal point flowers.
  10. You look all around the arrangement and start filling the open space with leaves. If you have a few different kind of leaves, use spiky one for the height and hanging one (like ivy) to hang from the edge of the vase.
  11. Once you covered the foam with all the flower and leaves, your arrangement is complete! You can turn 360 degree to make sure there is no open space or the spot you do not like. You can bend and adjust any stems to fill the arrangement beautifully.

Which flower do you like to use for main focus flower in your arrangement?

Which flower do you like to use for main focus in your arrangement?

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Some tips for silk flower arrangement

  • The real flower is not strait and stiff. To make the natural looks to the arrangement, I bend and curve the silk flower stems before arrange.
  • The flowers and leaves gets smaller size to the end of the tip. When you arrange, make the large flowers in the center and smaller flowers at the tip of the arrangement.
  • If you do not like the color of the flowers or leaves, you can adjust a little with spray paints or acrylic paints. Try little extra flower or leave to see how does it react first.
  • If you used up all the flower and leaves and still have open space to see the foam, you can make ribbons picks to fill the space.
  • Even though there is some space, you do not have to fill too much of everything. Real flowers should have some space to breath. Not less Not too much. To make beautiful and real look arrangement, the balance is the key.

Enjoy your arrangement

At the end, whatever you create, it is yours to enjoy. People have different taste and favorite. When I was working at the store and talking with many people about the custom designs, I learned to respect individual opinions.


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