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Silk Plants and Containers – Finding the Perfect Blend

Updated on June 11, 2011
Blending the right container with your silk plants can make your artificial plant the focal point of your decor
Blending the right container with your silk plants can make your artificial plant the focal point of your decor
Metal containers for your silk plants are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home
Metal containers for your silk plants are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home

Silk Plants and Containers

Buying a silk plant to enhance a room is an extremely tough decision, considering the huge range of styles and types available. From artificial trees to silk orchids, there is an artificial plant to suit every purpose, adding a permanent and low-maintenance focal point to a room. To make your decision even more difficult, selecting the silk plant container is also critical, and the generic plastic pots offered by many silk plant providers ruin the overall effect.

If you invested a lot of time and money in creating a contemporary feel or a Mediterranean theme to a room, the wrong type of silk plant container will look at out of place and draw the wrong sort of attention. The color, style, and texture of the pot are crucial and should fit with the rest of the overall design. A Grecian urn will look wonderful in a room with Mediterranean colors and rustic tiles, but will not work in a contemporary office environment of stainless steel, chrome, and glass.

Sadly, many silk plant providers neglect this, and send out the same, bland container with every purchase. The manufacturers incorporating customer satisfaction at the core of their business give you a range of options, from elegant fishbowls to rustic rattan wood or contemporary, sleek brushed chrome. This allows you to find the perfect combination of silk plant and container to augment and enhance your home.

Silk Plant Containers – The Importance of Quality

Quality and attention to detail is paramount when buying potted silk plants, because so many manufacturers simply throw the silk plant into a container, without spending time ensuring that it is firmly anchored and will not fall over. The best manufacturers will fix each plant into the container individually, taking into account the slight individual variations in every silk plant and container. This, alongside using high quality foam, ensures that your silk plant does not fall over every time someone brushes against it.

The small details are crucial if you want to maintain an aura of authenticity and bringing a natural feel to your home. Rather than leave ugly foam sticking out of the top of the container, reputable silk plant providers spend time disguising the foam and finishing the top of the container to look natural and authentic. High quality manufacturers use preserved natural moss to give a perfect finish, and often include extra foliage for further realism.

Silk Plant Containers – The Various Types

Silk plant containers come in a wide array of styles and types, each designed to augment interior themes, whether you want a clean, minimalist look or an old-world feel. A good silk plant provider will give you a range of options and styles, ensuring that you can find the perfert combination for your home or office.

  • Fiberglass Silk Plant Containers: Fiberglass is a cost effective option, blending flexibility of style, shape, and color with a low price. Fiberglass is available in aged stone, terracotta, bronze, copper and graphite finishes, and in styles including Ancient Greek urns, tapered tree containers, and fishbowls, allowing you to select the perfect option for your overall decor.
  • Plastic Silk Plant Containers: Plastic silk plant containers are cheap yet elegant, and are perfect for a contemporary, streamlined feel. Instead of a generic pot, you can buy a plastic pot finished in brushed chrome, brushed gold, or matt black, perfect for a modern office or fitted kitchen.

For those wishing to invest in something different, rattan, baskets and metal are other options, especially where your room is designed around a rustic or stately theme. An espresso-finished metal tree container, or a polished brass hanging plant container, add a touch of regality to a room, without being overbearing and ostentatious.

Buying Silk Plant Containers Online

Using a quality silk plant seller will ensure that you receive both the highest quality silk plants and the perfect plant container to do them justice. The right marriage of container and plant will ensure that your silk plants are a focal point to the room, adding to the authenticity and natural ambience.

A quality silk plant container will augment your silk plants beautifully
A quality silk plant container will augment your silk plants beautifully


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