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Simple Craft Ideas For Kids Using Paper Plates

Updated on May 11, 2013

Paper plates are very cheap to buy, easy to store and can be used for all sorts of craft projects.

Here are two very simple ideas to get you started.  These are just the absolute basics. 

Decorate using paints, felt pens, pencils, glitter, pipe cleaners, colored paper, stickers, wool ... the possibilities are endless.  Recycling old packaging by cutting up colored cardboard can be an inexpensive addition to your craft box.

Remember, the only limit is the imagination of you and your children.

Paper Plate Fish

Take one ordinary paper plate, and cut a wedge out of it, exactly if you were cutting a piece of pie.  Stick that wedge by the pointy end to the edge of the plate opposite to the cut.  Draw an eye, and decorate with anything available.

Easy Paper Plate Masks

Masks of just about anything can be made from paper plates.  The basic face is made by simply attaching some elastic to the sides, and cutting eye holes.  Then a second paper plate can be used to make ears and other features.  Using other things you find around the house or in your craft box can add to the creativity.

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© 2010 Suzie Armstrong


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    • profile image

      neetu 2 years ago

      Very good ideas

    • profile image

      ekta kareer 6 years ago

      its really nice, ossume

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 7 years ago from Bristol England

      What great ideas, so easy and very pretty. Thanks for sharing