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Singer Sewing Machines - Buy Sewing Machine Here

Updated on December 30, 2015

Do you know how to hand sew?

Do you know how to hand sew? Hand sewing is an art form. Man has been hand sewing for more than 15,000 years before Christ. Man has over that time used wood, bones and horns to make needle and wood skin, animal sinew, animal leather and animal skin as the thread. Man may have made the first iron sewing needle during the 14th and 15th century.

Stitch Formations

Look how far we’ve come. Today, ISO 4915:1991 standard recognizes more than 35 different stitch formations a sewing machine can make using plain and patterned stitches. A stitch may be formed from between one to seven threads. There are four categories of plain stitches – lockstitch, chain-stitch, over-lock, and cover-stitch. All this could not have been possible without a sewing machine.

Who Invented The Sewing Machine?

Who invented the first sewing machine? It was the British inventor, Thomas Saint, who in 1791 was the first to attempt to patent a design of a sewing machine which was to sew leather and canvas. Thomas Saint seems not to have done much with his patent. In 1830, a French tailor by the name Barthelemy Thimonnier had a workable sewing machine. The machine sewed straight seams using chain stitch. In fact, Thimonnier had 80 such machines and he actually won a lucrative contract to sew military uniforms for the French army. Back then, as now, workers knew about their rights. His hand sewing workers realized that the next move Thimonnier was to take was to lay them off their jobs. The tailors got enraged and burnt Thimonnier factory as they feared unemployment as a result of the new invention of sewing machines.

Buy Singer Electronic Sewing Machine
Buy Singer Electronic Sewing Machine

Flying Shuttle

Back in US, in 1849, Isaac Merritt Singer had trained as an engineer. One day as he went about his business, he saw a rotary sewing machine being repaired. He wondered how people should do such a clumsy job. Singer, then and there decided to embark on designing a better design that would make engineering sense. Singer’s machine used a flying shuttle in place of a rotary shuttle. Singer mounted the sewing needle vertically and included a presser foot to hold the cloth in place. Singer’s sewing machine had a fixed arm that would hold the needle and this also included a basic tensioning system. And there it was – a successful sewing machine was born out of Singer’s intelligence. Since Singer had only improved Elias Howe’s invention, singer had to face legal battle from Howe but finally they were able to settle their disagreement.

Hire-Purchase Scheme

The success of The Singer Company is mostly due to the decision to form the first hire-purchase scheme or structured payments over a period of time that allowed millions and millions of housewives worldwide to afford to buy Singer sewing machines.

Electronic and Computerized Sewing Machines

In 1851, Singer started I.M. Singer & Co together with a New York lawyer Edward Clark.  In 1865, this company was renamed Singer Manufacturing Company. In 1963, it was renamed The Singer Company. The Singer Company has all along been known for its high quality sewing machines. Currently, the company has the capacity to produce electronic and computerized sewing machines. Today, the company is based in La Vergne, Tennessee.

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

The first thing you do is to settle on the brand name of the sewing machine you want to buy. To choose a good sewing machine is to choose a sewing machine that has at least 90% of the features you need to sew to your satisfaction. You, of course, must be having enough money to buy that kind of a sewing machine. Many of the added features in a sewing machine may not be of any use to use. You start by listing all the features you want your machine to have. Once you have your list ready, then look at the listed sewing machines to see what features and what they do not have. If you can get a sewing machine that will range between 90 to 120 percent of the features you want, then that is the right machine. Buy it. Never allow yourself to go back to read reviews of other sewing machines once you have bought yours. What you should do is to concentrate on only positive reviews of the sewing machine you have just bought.

Buy Singer Electronic Sewing Machine

The singer electronic sewing machine is a sewing machine which has heavy-duty aluminum frame. The singer electronic sewing machine has 80 stitch functions, 28 stitch patterns, and simple push-button controls for selecting the stitches. It also has a "lock" function for the decorative stitches. The singer electronic sewing machine has a complete range of utility that include decorative, quilting, heirloom, and stretch stitches. The singer’s electronic sewing machine has automatic stitch settings, reverse stitching in the selected stitch pattern, and adjustable stitch length and width that will provide users with exceptional control over their projects.

Buy the singer electronic sewing machine at the trusted Amazon store which seems to have the most competitive prices in the market. Compare the prices listed below before making that important decision of acquiring a high quality and modern sewing machine. It’s important to note that Singer is not the only company that sells quality sewing machines. Companies such as Brother are very competitive in sewing machines and it’s important you give Brother’s sewing machines some consideration. You may end up buying a sewing machine from brother sewing machines such as Brother’s SE270D Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

Buy Singer Model 7467 Sewing Machine
Buy Singer Model 7467 Sewing Machine

Buy Singer Model 7467 Sewing Machine Here

Buy Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine Online
Buy Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine Online

Buy Singer 8-Stitch Sewing Machine Here

Buy Brother Sewing Machine Online
Buy Brother Sewing Machine Online

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    • MarkMAllen15 profile image

      MarkMAllen15 6 years ago

      I love this hub! I always appreciate the name of SINGER sewing machines. They are very durable.

    • Flavie Lolol profile image

      Flavie Lolol 7 years ago

      Good hub about sewing machines.

      We have a Singer electronic sewing machine which we have been using for the past one year or so.