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Sketching is a Training Learning Process

Updated on March 6, 2018
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Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design. Born in Italy, he graduated from Art Center College of Design in California.

Line Quality in Sketching

Drawing Well

Lately, scrolling Facebook, I see lots of quick sketches.

Freehand sketches done with black pencils, ball point pens or felt tip pens. The best and professionally made are these from IDSketching by Spencer Nugent and other talented designers like Joshua Reed.

Why am I happy about all these posts? Because I see the right message coming out of them about drawing well and what to do to get better with a hard training. They are simple sketches that have all the basics to communicate good drawing skills.

If you learn following these examples you will learn how to draw professionally anything from cars to any small tiny object.

Designers draw well because they learned a method. With their talent and skills they can express their creativity, it is thanks to this capacity that designers can communicate to their management or colleagues, to modelers or during a technical meeting.

Product sketches
Product sketches

A professional good portfolio is made of excellent selected projects, in it we have to find early ideation sketches, color sketches and renderings. You can get a designer job only if you have a good portfolio.

Only the most talented students, coming out of design schools, can hope to have a real job!

So, it all starts from the very beginning, from the first drawing classes where teachers teach how to hold a pencil, why keep sharp the point, how to draw nice lines before going to draw more complex shapes and forms.

It is called "line quality" exercise and it is part of the basics of drawing.

When you start school you want to make sure of working hard from the beginning, so that you can build and improve your skills day by day, year by year. This is the only disciplined attitude that will give you the possibility to amplify your talent and express your creativity at your best. Do not start lateto take your design course seriously, it will be too late!

You wasted a part of your time and now you try to catch it up, it won't work.

Luciano Bove's freehand sketch
Luciano Bove's freehand sketch | Source

So, it is clear that if you love design (cars and products) and dream to become a designer you have to start from basics to have as objective the improvement of your drawing skills.

Some of you already have good artistic skills (oil painting, gouache, figure drawing), with the right design school you will exercise lines, ellipses, solids, shadows, projections perspective rules, freehand style sketching, shading, color scales, theory of reflections, illustration, focal point, story boards, rendering scenarios. You will do all this following a precise method that will help you to structure yourself with discipline. The technics will become, day by day, easier to learn.

Start sketching using the right steps gives order, and organization. No stress! Just follow the simple rules and sketch it! The more you do the better.

After few years, implementing your learning with other important drawing and illustration classes, you will have all the notions and tools to make masterpieces by hand or with Photoshop and other types of digital drawing softwares.

So, said that I wish you to follow these suggestions to find the right way to make it.

Good luck!

Lineweight on shapes and forms
Lineweight on shapes and forms | Source

Line Quality Sketching

© 2012 Luciano Bove


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