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Small Milling Machine

Updated on May 16, 2010

A small milling machine is the perfect tool to use on your workshop. Make all the small parts required to use in your projects or even complete products for you to sell. The small milling machine is the tool that will increase your production and reduce your projects timing increasing your production and revenue.

You can get your small milling machine at an affordable price, place it on you bench top and start producing your small parts straight away. Simple to use, fast and reliable this essential tool will last you a long time.

This milling machine will open a tremendous range of capabilities. Don’t waste time looking at catalogs to find your parts, don’t wait for delivery and don’t pay large sums of money for hard to find parts. Make your own parts with a small milling machine.

How does a milling machine works?

A small milling machine is usually a vertical milling machine; this means that the axis of the spindle is vertical and it holds the rotating shaft in which the cutting tools are mounted. It looks a lot like a very robust drill with a work table that can be moved side-to–side and front to back by turning the table wheels. While operating the machine the work piece needs to be clamped to the table and if you need accurate cuts you can always lower the head in increments of a few thousandths of an inch.

The milling spindle is mounted with precision in the head casting. The head block can then be moved up and down along a column. Small milling machines provide coarse and fine movement controls. You then lock the head in the desired position prior to the start of the cutting operation.

Mounted below and perpendicular to the head and spindle is the milling table and the hand wheels. It’s on this table that the work piece needs to be clamped or screwed into. The hand wheels are then used to move the work piece against the cutting tool in order to shape it into the required parts that you need.

You may find it useful to mark the work piece with the cuts that you want to make. This will serve you has a guide when removing any excess material with the milling machine.

Common small milling machines and their prices

Some of the most common small milling machines and its prices are:

The Grizzly 8689 mini mill that can also perform angular cuts with its dovetail column can be purchased for $569 shipping included. This is one of the most used machines, it is very robust and in the market for a long time. Any parts for this machine are very easy to find and if you need to convert this milling machine into a CNC milling machine you can find kits that will do just that.

The Microlux Benchtop mini milling machine for $559 plus $72 additional freight is a good choice also. With metal gears in the spindle shaft makes this machine a robust and long lasting tool. The manufacturer also provides cutting tools kits and any other parts for the machine.

A very simple, cheap, drilling and small milling machine is the TL 6000 for the price of $360 but you will need to contact the manufacturer for shipping prices. This is a great high speed machine ideal for small parts in various materials (wood, plastic or metal). With an electronic variable speed control and it comes also with digital height gauge with zero function. This is best choice is you’re looking for a cheap milling machine.

You can also find many more small milling machines with prices ranging from $300 to several thousand depending on the functions and precision.


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