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Updated on June 22, 2015

To a person, all those who know me understand that the only kind of art I have ever mastered is the sort of art known on the street as twattle art The fact be told, when I try to pencil out a nice straight line onto a piece of paper, that nice straight line winds up as a badly drawn sawtooth. Remedying that by use of a straightedge, my line often looks as though it had whiskers - or that I had a raging fit during its making.

How I wished and I wished...

All the same, I have always wanted the makings of an artist - the pen and brush kind of artist. I had to wait until my years piled up higher than my verbal and textual nonsense kind of art to see my wish come true. How does that old saying go?

"They also serve who only stand and wait " (Milton, 1674)

Alligator tears on dry land

Someone evidently heard my crying. There was given birth to genius sons and daughters - somehow - somewhere. Those children grew up, learned all of the things about art that I never learned, and, just for the fun of it, they also learned how to transfer their art smarts into computer smarts. By absolutely good fortune, I found them.

You can hear it but can't see it yet

Even though I cannot draw a straight line, I know how to use a photographic camera. It is so easy. You point the camera lens at something. Then you push on a little button conveniently placed on the outside of the camera. When you hear a click noise coming from inside the camera, you smile. The reason? You just put a picture inside of the camera.

Almost done

After making a photograph; that is, all of the little dots and empty spots - the pieces that make up a picture - you can process those pieces in a computer or hand them over to someone else to be processed, developed, brought about so that they can be seen as a picture, or however you might want to describe what is to be done next. All that remains is for you and others to look at the picture you produced.

Click, click, click - all around the yard

With scarcely a limit to the number of things at which a person can point a camera, the pile of photographs can become quite tall indeed. A green beetle here, a blade of grass there. Here a rose flower, there a tree. One thing after another. All of these pose for the camera, but, ordinarily, none of the photographs remind a viewer of "art." Unless the photographer is really some sort of artist, the photographs look much like beetles, grass blades, roses, or trees.

Knockout rose in our garden
Knockout rose in our garden
Another rose and a garden pot
Another rose and a garden pot
Orange tree foliage and blossoms next to a brick wall
Orange tree foliage and blossoms next to a brick wall

Those geniuses said differently

"You want art? We bring art right to your clickey little fingertips." That's what those computer artists said to me in their computer program, "GimPhoto."

"All you have to do is tell our program what you want to see, and we will arrange for you to create your vision and make it so that you can see it again and again - or show it to anyone who will sit still long enough for you to force 'your art' upon them."

And that's what happens

I won't complain if you consider the following images to be some kind of art. Nor will I brag that I created the things. All I did was to stick my camera images into this old computer, call up that "GimPhoto" computer program, and then choose which one of a gazillion image manipulation applications to use in transforming ordinary photographs into unique art images.

The geniuses did all of the work. All I did was play.

Spinning rose
Spinning rose | Source
Rose confusion
Rose confusion | Source
Plentiful pixels
Plentiful pixels | Source

Can't beat the price

A copy of "GimPhoto" is yours offered free on the website, ""


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