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So??? Where have you been?

Updated on August 14, 2016
BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

I am a mother, a metal head, a goth girl, and lover of all darkness. I'm also a writer, a cake decorator, and a general weirdo. FUN!


It's Been a While!

Hellluuurrr!!! I haven't seen you guys in a hot minute! I don't even know if the community I grew to know and love is even still here anymore. However, I'm more than willing to make new friends and get to know all you new (to me) hubbers! Anyone who used to read my hubs knows that I hung around in the forums and loved reading everyone's work and commenting on everything I read. It's been a few years since I've been here, and there's a reason for that...

This is one of my favorite fondant designs I've created so far.
This is one of my favorite fondant designs I've created so far.

I Have Found Another Love

It's true. I still love writing, probably more than my new love, but my new love is quite satisfying on the creative front as well. I have fallen headlong into..... cake art. Yep, I'm pretty awesome at it, too. So much so, that I've recently decided to combine my TWO loves for one amazing beast! Cake art tutorials on HubPages! I haven't seen many articles about simple cake decorating and do's and don'ts of cake art, so I may as well go ahead and contribute! The plain and simple truth is I love to teach, and I love to bake, and I LOVE TO WRITE!!! So, I'm gonna do my best to teach you guys what I'm doing.

I'll start these articles the same way I started my YouTube videos - with the bare bones basics. Then we can move on to more complicated technical details and how-to's for more advanced bakers and decorators! Since I'm mostly self-taught, I wish I had someone to show me the things that I needed to know. But I learned by trial and error (lots and lots of error!!!) and still learn brand new things every single day.

My favorite all buttercream design so far...
My favorite all buttercream design so far...

I'm Devoting a Lot of Time Elsewhere

I was once able to contribute a lot of time to developing hubs, writing poetry, finding gorgeous pictures to go along with the scenery in my head - but lately all my time has gone into marketing myself, taking orders, concept design, and answering questions regarding my cake business. It's enough to make your head spin! So rather than focusing on HubPages, I've been trying to make my presence known in the cake world via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I'm also on a lot of those cake forum sites (like Cake Central) and I've put some stuff on Pinterest. But now, I've decided that since I can keep up with all those sites, why not bring HubPages into the mix as well? I already take pictures of my finished work, how much more difficult would it be to do during the process and create tutorials? Not too hard at all, methinks.

This entire thing is cake. Except the fret board, which is chocolate.
This entire thing is cake. Except the fret board, which is chocolate.

I've Missed You!

While I've been drowning myself in cake art, I find myself constantly thinking about what's going on with some of my favorite writers. I'll check HubPages from time to time to see the new content, but I just simply have not devoted any time to upkeep and writing. I also haven't been commenting or participating in forums as I once did. Now I have written out a planner. This planner tells me when I'm going to have an extra hour or two to kill, and I'm going to take that extra time to start developing new hubs for everyone to enjoy! I wonder how many of you I originally befriended are even still around? *Pink Floyd music starts playing ~ Is there anybody.... out there???

I make cookies, too!
I make cookies, too!

In Conclusion

I'm super excited to start this new little adventure. I felt like my creative writing brain was about to explode from non-use while being bombarded with cake art overload. So now that I finally figured out how to mix my two loves, I'm gonna jump in with both feet. I hope it's well received! I'm sure I'll be able to fit some of my trademark twisted humor in there, too. Because, you know - it's me. I can't just do something serious. You can't take life too seriously, you know. You definitely can't take cake too seriously. It's going to be destroyed and eaten in a matter of minutes. And that's a beautiful thing!

This is my intro vid, so if you're not interested in getting to know me, don't worry with this one. XD

A quick little sculpting vid

First in my basics series

A full cake sculpt video, if you just wanna watch the process.


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  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 21 months ago from Outside your window.

    Oh yes, we have tons in common! I can see us becoming fast friends :D You can call me Becca. I use Mizzery as a pen name mostly for my art and poetry. XD When I started the Youtube videos, I didn't care for anyone to know my real name because frankly, folks on Youtube are quite insane and can be vicious! I'm going to go over and read as many of your hubs as I can fit into my night before getting the kiddos to bed, because I can see that you and I share tons of the same interests. Thank you so much for your compliments!

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 21 months ago from Queensland Australia

    Welcome back, and great to meet you Becca/Mizzery. Your cake art is fantastic. It sounds like you have a great sense of humour and positive attitude so we should get on great. I also love UFC and MMA and Muay Thai because two of my sons are personal trainers and Muay Thai fighters. I look forward to reading more of your hubs and see you have already read one of mine, so thanks. Cheers.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 21 months ago from Outside your window.

    Oh no! LOL! I've had my share of total fails because my boys are super rowdy and sometimes (most times) they have selective hearing. Once, I was working on a huge sculpted hot air balloon. It wasn't stable yet because I had just finished crumb coating it and was about to put it in the freezer. I told them "Stay out of the kitchen, I'm running to the restroom". I no more shut the door to the bathroom when I heard my oldest "Oooooooh... mommy's going to kill us...." Walked into the kitchen to find that they decided to chase each other into the kitchen anyway, knocked off my cake, and it lay shattered in the kitchen floor. The worst part of that was the cake was due for delivery that afternoon! The struggle is real LOL XD

  • shanmarie profile image

    shanmarie 21 months ago

    I don't think I have had the pleasure of knowing you, but I can tell I'll enjoy your hubs. I love cake art, though i haven't dabbled in it much myself. I mostly watch the creations of others. Last time I made a watermelon shaped and decorated cake my child dumped it upside down to see it instead of having me take the lid off of the container. No one at that potluck ate my cake. LOL

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 21 months ago from Outside your window.

    So far so good! I'm meeting tons of new people and reconnecting with some of my favorite authors. There's so much catching up I have to do now! It's wonderful to meet you as well!

  • Shyron E Shenko profile image

    Shyron E Shenko 21 months ago from Texas

    Welcome back, I came on board 4 years ago. It is nice to meet you. I hope you find it more exciting and fulfilling then when you left.


  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 21 months ago from Outside your window.

    Gina, at first the thought of someone cutting into my hard work killed me! But then I got over it :D

    Peg, thank you so much! I'm a stubborn person, so when I get something in my head that I want to do I'll keep at it until I figure out how to do it.

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 21 months ago from Dallas, Texas

    Very crafty and creative cake art. I love that you're self-taught and have learned from your mistakes. Your work is beautiful.

  • Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

    Gina Welds Hulse 21 months ago from Rockledge, Florida

    Love your cake art! I have always admired Creatives who can do this sort of work. Beautiful! It would be hard to cut that art.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 21 months ago from Outside your window.

    Thanks all! I'm looking forward to sharing everything with you guys!

  • profile image

    Diana Abrahamson 21 months ago

    All the best on your new cake art hub tutorial adventure! Creativity is such a lifestyle..also love the buzz!

  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 21 months ago from New Delhi, India

    Great hub and written in an interesting way!

    I loved your pictures and video and learnt a lot from them. I really liked your concluding lines.

    Welcome back and all the best for your future hubs!

  • Rochelle Frank profile image

    Rochelle Frank 21 months ago from California Gold Country

    Welcome back! Your cake art is fantastic. Yes, I think you have found your niche. Looking forwrd to seeing your creations.