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Early Spring Photo Preview and Poems

Updated on May 26, 2020
Fossillady profile image

Kathi writes about fossils and other earthly subjects, plus the natural fauna of Michigan, features in her community, poetry, and more.

Please enjoy my floral photography and poetry. I hope it brings a bright spot to your day! All photos were captured in my Michigan, USA garden. The first and last poems are loving reflections over my husband, Joseph's, passing. The rest of the poetry is lighthearted and fruitful, like the Spring season that inspired my musings!

My True Blue Lover

April Crocus
April Crocus

My True Blue Lover

You tried your best everyday of your life

You endeavored to always do what was right

You dug deep down to find inner strength

You sailed through life's storms, sometimes at length

You captured and held on to your dignity

Your love was the truest of blue, most willingly,

I am proud and so very blessed

To have known you, but now you can rest

I love you and miss you everyday

I feel you watching me make my way

For which words can't express

My gratefulness

Sedum Sprouting
Sedum Sprouting
Spring Daffodil
Spring Daffodil

Rocks, Petals of Pollen

Come to me

my petals of pollen

and let me rock your world

with my warm Earth

Spring Hyacinths

White Hyacinth
White Hyacinth

Ode to Hyacinth

Hyacinth, hyacinth

Let me take pleasure in your sweet scent

Life is worth living with your presence

Springtime Spark


Ode to Forsythia

Forsythia, forsythia

just when I thought there was no end

to winter's bare branches,

you took my breathe away!

Unfurling Ferns
Unfurling Ferns
Honeydew shrubs among the first plants to green out in Spring
Honeydew shrubs among the first plants to green out in Spring

Aaah, Spring Green

When out from the dark arise the first leaves,

the landscape takes a deep breath and aims to please

From new growth of green

it creates a fresh scene,

Ready to feed the forest creatures

produce flowers which it features

For the birds and bees

who once inspired Socrates,

Anticipation replaces dormancy

And the sacred cycle will continue on past eternity

Thrill of the Daffodil

Thrill of the Daffodil

Is it true what they spill

a flower has the will

to grapple with winter's kill

and cure the season's ill

but the only flowering frill

simply for the thrill

would have to be the daffodil

Flaming Heart

Flaming Heart

Right from the start

Your fire lit my heart

We swiftly vowed till death do us part

For now, your absence burns

And everyday I yearn

Wishing you could someday return

Through all this pain

Our love has gained

The wisdom that our love is an eternal flame

The heart in the center petal inspired me to muse the memory of my late husband, Joseph... 6/17/47-11/13/09!


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