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Steampunk Devices

Updated on May 24, 2010

Aetheric fluctuation Indicator

Steampunk device, aetheric fluctuation indicator
Steampunk device, aetheric fluctuation indicator

Steampunk, what's that?

If you are not already familiar with the steampunk genre then you will obviously be asking "what is steampunk"? It is one of those questions that is, on the face of it quite straightforward. However it is complicated by the fact that probably every steampunk has their own idea of what it means.

For a detailed explanation visit here, though I'm sure there will be some who may disagree with this explanation or at least quibble over details.

For many a simple explanation is something which harks back to the age of steam, Victorian England is often a favoured setting. Though often the steam ethic is combined with modern technology. So you can be a steampunk who is interested in the dress of the period or the transport of the period, or like me gadgets and devices which have a Victorian overtone.

Steampunk usb drive
Steampunk usb drive

These steampunk gadgets may or may not be functional. In some cases they are real flights of fantasy which combine elements of steam technology with modern electronics as in the many USB or flash drive housings which can be found on the internet. These are often truly ingenious works of craftsmanship which indeed look as though they were created in times which relied more on mechanical devices yet they are functioning pieces of very modern technology.

The usb drive in the picture is even waterproof. See more like this at The Steam Workshop

Steampunk Kaleidoscopes

As I already make kaleidoscopes in stained glass, when I discovered that I was a steampunk at heart it was a short step to making a steampunk kaleidoscope.

By pure coincidence (or was it?) I had recently bought a Victorian brass candlestick from a charity shop, it was in need of repair, so now it became the pedestal for my first kaleidoscope in the steampunk style.

Not having any brass tube to hand and not being blessed with any degree of patience. I fashioned a body from mahogany. I also fashioned a short piece of brass tube for the eye piece end. the end caps were made from some old pieces of brass fittings I got on Ebay.

The mounting which holds the kaleidoscope onto the pedestal was again fashioned from some brass strip. All the new bits of brass including the knobs were aged to match the Victorian candlestick as closely as possible. I made a mahogany base to carry the whole thing.

Aetheric Fluctuation Indicator

The device at the top of the page was inspired when I was out shopping and spotted the globes for sale. When switched on they randomly change colour, I immediately thought I must incorporate one of these into a steampunk device.

I got home and sorted through my collection of brass items and selected a small candlestick to hold the globe. The collector rod/ accumulator was fashioned from whatever I could lay my hands on. A small paint jar, some brass mesh and the handle of a candle snuffer.

I really wanted an old fashioned knife switch to go with this device, the sort of thing that used to feature in Frankenstein films. However not being able to locate one of suitable age or size I had to make one. I made the mahogany base to hold the assorted parts, stuck some felt on the bottom and voilĂ  one Aetheric fluctuation Indicator.

you can see more here Steampunk Kaleidoscopes


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  • danielleantosz profile image


    7 years ago from Florida

    nice hub! not many people are so "up to date".

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    This one look like that


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