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Buy Strathmore Drawing Pads On Amazon

Updated on March 13, 2011

Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pads

The Strathmore Drawing pads are a great sketch pad for the type of artist that likes to draw with pencils,charcoal and art markers,although you can use a full range of other art materials and mediums on them, with 24 sheets of paper, with the paper being a cream colour that is great for sketching at least and the quality medium surface is also ideal for specific pen and ink and other art marker and mixed media projects, the spiral bound sketch pad makes it easier to flip over your drawings and sketches to start new ones.

The Strathmore 400 series comes in a range of sizes for drawing and sketch pads from A5, A4 and A3 and possibly higher, although I've only ersonally bought the A3 size ones for my tattoo work.

It is best to find your perfect size of drawing pad from the strathmore range for your sketching and draft drawing needs and over at Amazon they have the full range of Strathmore products for drawing paper and they come fairly cheap compared to other art products online for the hobby artists and the professional artists alike.

The 400 series is by far more superior than the previous 300 series range of strathmore paper, because it is slightly weightier at 80lb rather than the previous 70lb and the paper surface just seems to fare better to sketch and draw on, the smooth surface of the paper just seems to absorb the best of whatever art mediums you throw at it, although the obvious precautions must be made for things like watercolour and other paint mediums to prevent buckling of the paper, I rate this sketching paper the best there is and the most affordable too.

What often is the case with most brands of art drawing paper is there will be some mediums that work well on it and something so simple as everyday pencils just don't take too well on the papers surface, I usually find this with the pound shop variety or sometimes coloured pencils don't show up that clear due to the cheap production of artificially made paper, but you don't get that with Strathmore Sketching Paper.

Of course like many things, there are good alternatives out there for art paper and more readily cheaper online when you order in bulk if you are a busy artist.

I always used to buy my sketch pads from shops, but now I either order on Amazon or Ebay for some very cheap deals that come direct to my door, leaving me with some extra time to doodle away and sketch myself a whirl wind of good art.

Strathmore Range Of Sketch Pads

Good quality medium paper surface, ideal for drawing and sketching.
Good quality medium paper surface, ideal for drawing and sketching.

The Strathmore Drawing Pad Range, Have You Bought This Paper For Your Art?

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