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Street Art

Updated on October 2, 2009

An up and coming new artist to watch!

John and Denise's son, I really must catch his name, was painting a portrait of a young woman out on the street of my neighborhood. He was very friendly and his portrait was very good. We had a little conversation that is worth writing about here. While she sat poseing for the portraint, the son of a certain couple was painting her picture. The quality of art work was very good. I told him of my portrait done on the cover of my second book and pictures on the back of my poetry books. I told him he was good, that I was impressed with his art work. I said that's cool, both about my poetry books and the art work he was showing to our neighborhood on a cooler autumn day, early evening on a Tuesday. Then I simply took my little dog back with me and was back to my house again where I was reflective of that little conversation of art and maybe they were also reflective for that brief moment during the week.



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