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Summer on the Horizon

Updated on March 5, 2012

I was sharing some of my original works----digital photography combined with my poetry, and I realized that this would be a great place to share some of my work. This is a poem I wrote for a friend many years ago, when she was going through some severe circumstances. Sometimes I've revived it to encourage myself back into a more optimistic frame of mind, and sometimes I have shared it with others who I feel need a reminder that "Summer is on the horizon!" still. The poetry and photography are all mine, and has been copyrighted, but I hope it brings a bit of light and love into someone's heart!

Summer on the Horizon

"Look! Look!"
I tell you, look!
Summer is coming over the hillside
flowing down the greening hummocks
waiting for a warming touch;
as gentle as honey flowing,
June surrenders springtime
over to summer's lazy hands.

You lock yourself in winter silence still,
intent on shivering in the chilling cold,
the essence of despair within your soul.

I tell you look!
The roses eagerly offer incense to the season
opening up in full bloom over night,
as though the silver moonlight
coaxed them out, seducing them
with promises of summer warmth.

And yet you turn your eyes,
only seeing a cracked vase
filled with the crumbling remains
of a bouquet long faded,
sitting in fetid water.

I tell you look!
The dragonflies hover above the river's edge
and make me giddy watching for the moment
when their gossamer wingtips dip into the rushes
and I lose sight of them in the verdant green.

And still you turn away from me,
intent on seeing only vermin
Crawling on gray floors in cold gray rooms.

I tell you look!
I would liberate your heart,
If only I could make you turn away
your weary mind from its introspection
to let your soul run free and naked
in the summer warmth of golden days,
to lie in quiet comfort
in the magic silver of summer nights.
So certain am I, that you are only
blinded for a moment;
I take your tear-stained face
within my sun-warmed hands,
gently strive one more time
to set your eyes into that clear blue sky
I tell you with all the love within my heart
"Look, oh look, summer is coming on the horizon!"

copyright Poem: 06-13-01

photo compilation: 12-19-09

Cyndy Shubert-Jett

All title to work in this blog is

Retained by the author-photographer

Cynthia L. Shubert-Jett


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    • Jazzie53 profile image

      Jazzie53 6 years ago

      FIdel103====Intentaré conseguir una buena traducción en esto de un amigo, y el post-it----¡pero gracias por tardar tiempo para leer y para responder!

      Babel Fish translation of my post: I will try to get a good translation on this from a friend, and post it----but thank you for taking time to read and respond!

    • profile image

      Fidel103 6 years ago

      La Verdad Que Bonito es comentar sus cosas y publicasiones aunque casi todo lo de aqui de esta pagina sea en ingles espero y te guste mi comentario.

    • Jazzie53 profile image

      Jazzie53 6 years ago

      Thebookmom---Thank you----finding a way to combine each in a way that makes the whole piece stronger is important to me----and it brings an entirely new dimension to the writing and the digital photography. So from deep within my heart, again, many many thanks!!

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      So beautiful! I'm not sure which is more movingly intense the writing or the photography. They complement each other so well, great job.