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Buy Teach Yourself Visually - Jewelry Making & Beading

Updated on May 9, 2011

Beading and Making Jewelry

It is exciting to find you have a passion for making jewelry. 

Jewelry making and beading are popular hobbies, and there are a lot of various techniques and tools to explore and learn about.  You can get by with just a couple of tools, but you'll soon find that there are several others that make life much easier if you have them.  You may find you enjoy beading, then realize there is the wonderful world of wirework, and braiding.

Many people are visual learners, and if you are one of them, you are going to love the book, "Teach Yourself Visually Jewelry Making and Beading.  This book is written by a jewelry artisan that specializes in beaded designs, wirework,and metal fabrication.  Chris Franchetti Michaels has written several successful books on the subject of making jewelry.

Jewelry Making and Beading
Jewelry Making and Beading

Buy Teach Yourself Visually Jewelry Making & Beading Online

You can buy this easy to learn book online, and find yourself making beautiful jewelry pieces in no time! The pictures clearly illustrate how to go through every step, and the instructions are easy to follow. You will save yourself hours of trial and error; you won't have to deal with the frustration of having a clasp fall off, or beads coming loose on the first wear.

As you begin to offer your beading creations as gifts for family and friends, you will soon start thinking about other ways to utilize your craft, such as craft fairs and the Saturday Market.

You'll be able to fix that necklace that's been sitting in the back of your drawer, and replicate those earrings you saw someone wearing that you loved. It's great fun!


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    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 6 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      I love books that have good instruction and clear pictures - I wish I'd had it way back when, my beginning jewelry was pretty sad

    • princess g profile image

      princess g 6 years ago

      Interesting. I'm actually thinking about getting that