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Teapot Wind Chimes

Updated on March 28, 2011

Teapot Wind Chime Gifts

I found the coolest little teapot wind chimes you have ever seen. I would say the make great gifts, but the problem is, if you buy one for someone, you’ll probably end up wanting to keep it for yourself. So I guess it would be more accurate to say they could be great gifts if you don’t end up hanging them all over your own garden instead (and even from your car mirror for the little ones… and no, I’m not kidding).

So anyway, I got one as a gift, and you can find them online at Hope Chest Home, which is a storefront on Etsy. There’s lots of cute stuff on there, but these teapot wind chimes are my personal favorite.

The woman who makes them is named Noelle—which is a charming name and perfectly suits the festive essence of these teapot wind chimes (and it does just scream Christmas Gift Idea, doesn’t it?). Anyway, Noelle and her crew scour the Northern California area for delightfully aged silver and nickel silver teapots, and rumor has it, she has people scouring around the country for them now as these little treasures have really taken off for her.

Once she has a perfect silver teapot, one that has just the right amount of age and tarnish to it but also maintains the original beauty of the silver from which it was made, she puts her artist’s hand to it and attaches the dainty chains and eclectically varying charms that dangle from the ends. As you can see from the images below, the charms can be almost anything, and Noelle has a keen sense of balance and symmetry, both of mood and of visual appeal.

The charms on these are very cool.
The charms on these are very cool.

And don’t forget the sound! The whole point of getting wind chimes is the soft music they make. They are wind CHIMES after all. And she's got a great ear for getting the sweetest tunes out of these little treasures, and these teapot wind chimes are just great to listen to. They make a sweet, tinkling sound, not too loud or obnoxious, but just right. It’s even better if you strategically place two or three around the yard. It’s like having fairies singing in the trees. Especially if you mix in some of the mini ones.

Mini teapot wind chimes

Cute little ones. This one is made from a silver teapot salt shaker.
Cute little ones. This one is made from a silver teapot salt shaker.

So, having gotten my first one and loving it, I had to look around for more teapot wind chimes. I just knew there had to be more than one place to get them. It turns out you can find them from a few other sources besides Hope Chest Home. There’s a woman who sells them at flea markets around our area, and she has some that look great too. Closer inspection made them suspect, however, because they’re using fishing line instead of chain. You can’t help wonder how well they’re going to hold up in a brisk wind. I like pretty things, and hers are gorgeous too, but sturdy has to be worked in if I’m going to buy. We are talking teapot WIND chimes, not earrings or Christmas tree ornaments. Although, now that I think of it… hmmmm.

The problem I have with the other company having used fishing line is that, I really don’t want my teapot wind chime to break. Some of the designs out there have lots of sharp objects on them, like forks with mangled tines and that sort of thing—which are cool looking, but if it broke off and I didn’t know it, I really wouldn’t want to find it by walking barefoot in the grass. Which is why I like the chain designs on the teapot wind chimes from Hope Chest Home. Besides, the chains look better. They match.

Another upside beyond just being sturdy is that the Hope Chest Home teapot wind chimes cost a lot less. The lady at the flea market was selling her fishing line ones for $150. That’s right, A HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUCKS! Are you kidding me?

Look, I just spent the last eight paragraphs talking about how cool these teapot wind chimes are. And they are. But a hundred and fifty bucks cool? Yeah, not happening. $30, sure. $40, why not? Heck, I might even go fifty or sixty if I was really blown away by its awesomeness, but, a hundred and a half is insane. For that kind of money, I’ll make one myself. But, fortunately, I don’t have to, which is pretty much why I decided to write this article and this little tea pot wind chime maker up.

You can find teapot wind chimes in a few places around the Internet, including others on Etsy (although they all seem to be using string and fishing line too). You can probably even find some locally in your town if you hunt around, but if you want a really cool, well made piece of truly original art, you should go check out Hope Chest Home. Each one is made by Noelle, a craftswoman and artist, and I think whoever you buy one for (including yourself) will love their new teapot wind chime when they get it as a gift.


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