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Ten Fun and Creative Winter Crafts for Kids

Updated on December 22, 2015
White dough snowflake ornament.
White dough snowflake ornament. | Source

My son enjoys making things as well as drawing and painting so I am often searching online for new creative ideas for us to try out. In this hub I have collected together some of the winter and Christmas themed activities we have done or are planning to work on this year.

1. CD Mandala Ornaments

Happy Hooligans is a great blog for all sorts of craft actives for children and we often make or are inspired by projects posted there. This is a good project for all ages as long as the child is able to pick up the small buttons and other decorations okay. For younger children and adult could help by spreading the glue or the child could choose which decorations they wish to use and where to stick them, while the adult does the actual sticking. The CD ornaments can be made in a random design or using traditional symmetrical designs. We found glue gun works okay with this project as well as the white craft glue but that may not be suitable for younger children or for those who want to complete the project themselves.

When the glue has dried the mandalas can be hung on the Christmas tree or around the house. They would also be pretty hung in a window as a colourful sun catcher.

CD Mandala Ornament
CD Mandala Ornament | Source

2. Frosty Winter Art

This art activity only requires wax crayons and water colour paints to complete and produces some really beautiful wintery artwork. Children could use a favourite Christmas or winter book for inspiration as they did at Nurture Store or could create their own pictures from their imagination. Winter family photographs could also be use as inspiration.

3. 2-Ingredient White Clay Ornaments

This homemade dough is made using cornflour (the type used to thicken sauces and gravy), known as corn starch in the US, rather than normal baking flour. The recipe also does not contain salt and the finished creations can be dried without an oven. The ornaments are great as tree decorations and could also be given as presents or small versions could be used to decorate gifts or even in other crafts such as making mobiles or pendants.

Snowflake dough ornaments.
Snowflake dough ornaments. | Source

4. Hama/Perla Bead Patterns

This page has many designs for Christmas bead designs that can be made using the fusible type beads such as Hama and Perla beads. The completed designs could be used as tree or house decorations and are also nice for using in card making as toppers. The finished bead designs can be used to create Christmas themed badges or fridge magnets.

5. Paper Tree Wall Hanging

This project requires a lot of cutting out so children will need to be able to use scissors well or have an adult to help out. The hands could be decorated with glitter, paint, colouring pens or stick on gems and other craft decorations individually or the whole tree can be decorated once completed. If your child doesn’t mind getting their hands mucky they could create their tree by making hand prints using green paint on white paper. Once dry these can then be cut out and stuck to the tree shape.

6. Homemade Holiday Gift Tags

Children can create cute and personalised gifts tags for Christmas gifts given to friends and family. If a child enjoys using the computer these could also be created digitally and printed either full colour or to be coloured in afterwards. Children can create their own artwork or use clipart or pictures cut from magazines or even a combination of the two.

Winter can provide an abundance of inspiration for arts and crafts projects.
Winter can provide an abundance of inspiration for arts and crafts projects. | Source

7. Christmas Doggy Treats

This page features a straightforward recipe for creating some Christmas dog treat biscuits.

8. Toilet Roll Nativity Set

A cute and creative nativity set made using toilet roll tubes, material scraps and small amounts of other craft materials including pipe cleaners, card and buttons. This would be a great craft for using up all the little odd and leftover bits and pieces every craft box seems to collect.

The angel could also be used on top of the Christmas tree.

9. Christmas Village Silhouette Jar

These pretty jars make a lovely low light option for evenings and calming times. They could also be carried by carol singers by attaching a string handle.

As an alternative to the village, a nativity or other Christmas or winter scene could be drawn.

Christmas tree sensory bottle.
Christmas tree sensory bottle. | Source

10. Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are a brilliant item that can be enjoyed by and calm children of all ages. Something that be especially useful in the busy and excitement filled weeks leading up to Christmas. This bottle has a Christmas theme and can be made using simple household and craft items.

© 2015 Claire


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