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Ten Money Saving Scrapbooking Ideas

Updated on March 2, 2016

Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook Page Showing Young Boy in Cowboy Outfit
Scrapbook Page Showing Young Boy in Cowboy Outfit

Ten Tips to Save Scrapbooking Money

Scrapbooking can be expensive. The good news is that there are ways to economize. This page provides ten tips to cut back on the costs of this great hobby.These ten scrapbooking ideas will help you stick to the budget.

Paper arts can be an expensive hobby. We find embellishments that cost close to $10, and specialized tools such as digital die cutters that cost in the hundreds. The good news is that scrapbooking costs do not have to be so high. With a little thought, you can produce lovely and economical layouts.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos are my own.

Money Saving Tip #1: Use Found Objects

Found objects can be incorporated into a scrapbook layout as embellishments. Items such as feathers, coins, keys, fine chains, tiny ornaments, pebbles, seashells can be attractive, and free additions to your pages.

If your albums are archival, you will need to take steps to protect your photos from some of these found objects. You can do this easily by making shaker boxes, or by using cold laminate. Clear shelf paper makes excellent laminate. You can usually find it a a Dollar Store.

If you are not concerned about using acid free papers, make a habit of checking the junk mail that arrives daily. Many of these advertisements are printed on quality paper and contain beautiful images that can be cut and used in your layouts.

Similarly, greeting cards that people send you can often be utilized as embellishments. Cut out special images of words to use, or clip off ribbons and any sort of décor that might work as an embellishment.

Shop: Budget Scrapbooking for Beginners

Budget Scrapbooking For Beginners
Budget Scrapbooking For Beginners

Scrapbooking doesn't have to cost a fortune. This great book shows you tons of ways you can cut back and save money while enjoying your favorite hobby.


Old Lace Re-purposed to Layout

Heritage Srapbook Layout Embellished with Lace
Heritage Srapbook Layout Embellished with Lace

Money Saving Tip #2: Save Buttons, Lace and Ribbons

Getting ready to throw out some old clothing? Before you do, remove buttons, lace, ribbons, decals or any other part that might work for a scrapbook layout. Throwing out old denim? Scraps of fabric can work very nicely in a layout Think about a patch pocket of denim that can contain a piece of memorabilia, or think about using a denim fabric frame to display a photo of your little cowboy or cowgirl.

Decorative Tags with Hardware Store Trimmings

Distressed Tag Trimmed with Metals, Leather and Stamping
Distressed Tag Trimmed with Metals, Leather and Stamping

Money Saving Tip #3: Visit Your Hardware Store

Hardware stores are a bonanza of potential embellishments. Check out small washers, screwnuts and other small metal items. Picture them incorporated in a layout--- either as is, or colored with paint, paper, dye, and made shiny with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. Depending on the size and shape you can even add words and lettering to your hardware gadgets.

Consider hardware stores when shopping for scrapbook tools such as wire cutters, sandpaper and craft knives. The price may well be a better deal than the more costly counterparts sold at craft stores.

Money Saving Tip #4: Visit Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Flea markets and yard sales can be a goldmine of gadgets, embellishments and even storage containers. Check for buttons (cut the shank off with wire cutters), jewellery (remove hardware, use as embellishments), beads, lace, yarn and fabric, and for containers that you might use to organize your supplies. You might even find scrapbooking supplies on sale.

Money Saving Tip #5: By Yarn by the Ball

Small lengths of yarn and fabric, as sold in craft stores, is costly. Why not go together with a friend or two and buy a whole skein or ball of yarn? Share the price, share the fabric. Everybody gets more for their money than they would get by buying the small items. Similarly, purchase rick rack, tapes and ribbons by the roll and share the savings.

Money Saving Tip #6. Press Your Own Flowers

Make beautiful embellishments by drying or pressing your own flowers and leaves. You can do this in the microwave, especially easy if you have a Microfleur Flower Press (shown to the right), but possible without out. The cheapest way of all, of course, is to place your flowers and plant material between two pieces of wax paper, then place the waxed paper between the pages of a large book. Close the book, weigh it down with something heavy, and leave for several weeks. You will have perfect dried flowers ready to arrange.

To protect your photographs, be sure to cold laminate your flowers before adding them to an album. You can do this with clear adhesive shelf liner.

Pennant with Vintage Image Transfer

Vintage Holiday Pennant with Image Transfer of Child in White Coat
Vintage Holiday Pennant with Image Transfer of Child in White Coat | Source

Money Saving Tip #7: Do Image Transfers

Image transfers are an attractive, elegant and economical way to embellish your layouts. They're surprisingly simply to do once you know the technique.

Find an image in a magazine or elsewhere that you want to transfer. Make a color photocopy on a laser photocopier (as found at Staples and other similar stores). Adhere wide, clear packing tape over the image. Rub the tape briskly with the back of a spoon. Rub until the spoon is hot. Place the tape in water and soak for ten minutes or longer. Remove from water and gently scrape off the excess paper. The image is now transferred to your tape, which you can use in your layouts.

Money Saving Tip #8: Scan Photos

If you have your photos printed, instead of making a costly copy, ask for them in digital format, or bring them home and scan them into the computer. Edit using photo editing software, crop before printing to save paper and ink, and then print out on glossy photo paper. You save the original, and its more economical than buying copies.

Money Saving Tip #9: Save Ribbons and Gift Wrapping

When gifts come into your home, save the ribbon, gift wrapping and any fancy elements on tags or greeting cards. You can use all of these items as embellishments or special backgrounds.

Money Saving Tip #10: Save All the Scraps

Scrapbooking usually results in scraps of leftover papers and card stocks. Save everything bigger than two inches. You can make serendipity squares, you can make punched shapes, or use it to make your own greeting cards.

If you do a lot of stamping, place waxed paper under your projects as you stamp. In time, the waxed paper will become filled with an array of colors. When it is well colored, crumble it into a ball and squeeze. Next, flatten it out, iron it, and you will have a lovely paper suitable for a background in a card or other layout.

Poll: What's Your Favorite?

What is your favorite way for saving money when you scrapbook?

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© 2008 June Campbell


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      You have some terrific tips here. I'm pinning this to my Crafts page.

    • profile image

      ElleBee 5 years ago

      These are great ideas. I've been tryin to get into scrapbooking, and unfortunately it seems its been more a money spending habit than a creating habit as yet for me! I keep buying stuff that will be cute for the scrapbook I don't have! At least now I can save money while doing so.

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 5 years ago

      Thanks for putting together this Hub. It has some excellent ideas in it. Nice work!

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      This is a great hub with many useful ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Benzaiten profile image

      Benzaiten 7 years ago from U.S.

      I've never heard of the image transfer technique. I'll have to try it.

    • profile image

      voucher codes uk 7 years ago

      I think people are now looking for the best moneysaving deals they can find.

    • PamelaScraps profile image

      PamelaScraps 8 years ago

      Excellent ideas, I'm all for saving money.

    • nightcats profile image

      June Campbell 8 years ago from North Vancouver

      Yes, its amazing what can be done with little odds and sodds of things you find here and there. Thanks for posting.

    • mroconnell profile image

      mroconnell 8 years ago from France

      I approve of these ideas wholeheartedly. There's a lot that can be done with found stuff and hardware stores.

    • SandyHoyt profile image

      SandyHoyt 9 years ago from Madisonville, LA

      I love your ideas! Thank you for making me think! (Inspiration gets my mind ticking...)

    • Party Girl profile image

      Party Girl 9 years ago

      Great hub, I have become a 'fan'.

    • nightcats profile image

      June Campbell 9 years ago from North Vancouver

      Absolutely they work for card making. I think a lot of scrapbookers do various other types of paper crafts along with scrapbooking.

    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 9 years ago from The Land of Tractors

      I like your ideas! They would also work for card-making.

    • nightcats profile image

      June Campbell 9 years ago from North Vancouver

      Now there's another great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cindy Lietz profile image

      Cindy Lietz 9 years ago from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      This is great nightcats, thanks for the ideas! I also like to save the little 'trinkets' you get as a prize in Christmas Crackers (you know those paper things you pull apart at the table and they go pop). There are often small picture frames, wired flowers, ribbons, jokes, magnets and other embellishments that can go into a scrapbook!