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Ten Places To Buy Craft Supplies

Updated on March 15, 2016
The inside of a Michael's craft store.
The inside of a Michael's craft store. | Source


Michaels stores are available across the country and online, specializing in arts and craft supplies. They offer the service of custom framing, so that beautiful finished piece or perfect photograph can look great on your wall as well. Items of home decor are always present and switched out with the seasons. Michaels carries a large selection of yarn, kids' craft supplies and toy 'kits', and baskets.

Coupons are available through mail, their website, and the Michaels phone app. Frequent sales going on throughout the store may offer discounts such as 25% off ribbon or 40% off specific brands of scrapbook stickers.

Overall Michaels is a convenient place to find all your craft needs in one stop, at fair prices.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts

Despite "fabrics" being in the full name, Jo-Ann's has a lot to offer to any crafter. Always a large building, this store carries a plentiful standard selection of a wide variety of supplies. From stamps and Cricut machinery to yarn and Perler beads to plastic flowers and greenery.

Of course fabric and sewing patterns are a prominent feature. It's definitely the place to be if you're looking to make, for example, a dress from scratch. You'll find any pattern, any texture, any color that you could possibly need from fabric.

Jo-Ann's offers a mailing list in which coupons are sent out each week as well as the occasional chance to receive a text message discount on your entire order. Download their app or check out the website for access to all current coupons at any given time.

Shelves of fabric line the walls of JoAnn's.
Shelves of fabric line the walls of JoAnn's. | Source

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has a bit more of a comprehensive selection of merchandise than your typical craft store. They have the usual: aisle upon aisle of stickers and faux flowers and fiber materials. Like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric stores, Hobby Lobby sells home decor, furniture, and holiday decoration.

But you can also find dollhouse miniatures, fake food pieces, model airplane kits, and other unique for any craft involving a lot of handwork.

There are less coupon opportunities for Hobby Lobby, but they do exist - so keep an eye open. You can frequently find standard sales and sometimes even end-of-season sales going up to 80% off.


One wouldn't likely think of eBay as a go-to place for crafting supplies, whether for scrapbooking or beading or bow-making. But for "lots" of supplies - that is, groups of stickers or paper or bows, etc. sorted into a "lot" for sale - it's the place to be.

You'll find mass amounts of creative assistance from paper to ribbon to beads and charms at resale (perhaps even wholesale) pricing as other crafters purge their supplies onto you and your money.

Etsy is thought of as the place to go to buy finished handmade items, or "crafts", generally. But there is a whole category for supplies.

Besides buying the basic supplies that are needed to assemble your project from the beginning, you may also find a variety of supplies that come in altered states. For example, purchase bottle-caps with magnets already attached to the back, just waiting for your 1-inch pictures to complete them. Get scrabble tiles for your jewelry with the bales already attached. So on and so on. Even the supplies on Etsy are creative!

Search Etsy not only for handmade product, but for the supplies to make these crafts yourself.
Search Etsy not only for handmade product, but for the supplies to make these crafts yourself. | Source

Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain specializes in "wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies" since 1973. Nowadays you don't even need a catalog. Just log onto their website and shop the 'aisles'!

From Swarovski crystal to metal to pearl to porcelain, Fire Mountain has it all when it comes to the beads you can need for jewelry making. Unlike at a regular craft store where you buy just a string of beads, here you can purchase anywhere from one bead to a bulk order. The more you buy, the cheaper the cost.

Aside from beads, Fire Mountain also sells jewelry making tools, charms, and more.

They also have what they call an "Ironclad Guarantee" - just return any unaltered product for a full refund or replacement if you're not satisfied with your original purchase.

Essential jewelry-making tools.
Essential jewelry-making tools. | Source

Oriental Trading

When you think Oriental Trading you might think of little plastic toys and party supplies. They sell a lot of those in their catalogs. But Oriental Trading is also a great source of craft supplies.

From scrapbook paper and stickers to the cutest jewelry charms you've ever seen, Oriental Trading covers the bases of basic crafts.

Like Fire Mountain, there's no need to order a catalog - though those can be fun to flip through. All you need to do is head on over to their website.


Beads, Beading Supplies and Jewelry Making Tools! Feed your need to bead!

As you can probably guess from its name, Beadaholique is a beader's paradise. Sections off to the left hand side reveal Swarovski beads, metal beads, stamping, chains, and more. It's a one-stop shopping experience for a jewelry maker.

Furthermore, find free projects on this site as well as instructional videos and techniques!

Strings of brightly colored beads for your crafting needs...
Strings of brightly colored beads for your crafting needs... | Source

Create For Less

Great prices on a broad range of crafting. The categories at the top of the main page include scrapbook, sewing, beading, and knitting. To the left of the page you can sort product by brand and material (paper, punches, glues, etc.).

Don't forget to check out the clearance and sale sections of this online craft shop!

You can also follow them on Facebook, sign up for a newsletter, and read their Think Crafts blog all by following links on the homepage.

Mister Art

So far actual, traditional "art" supplies have been a bit neglected on this list. Sure, you can find paints and canvas at JoAnn's or Michael's, but here is a website that specializes in an artist's alley of merchandise.

Product categories are vast and contain names such as Airbrushing, Canvas, Ceramics, Easels, Framing, and more.

Gift certificates can be purchased.

The Bargain Bin is not to be missed!

Can you ever have enough art supplies?
Can you ever have enough art supplies? | Source

You need only do a Google search for the craft you're interested in and perhaps the word "supplies" to turn up tens and possibly hundreds of options of stores both brick and online and both. But in my opinion, the above ten are can't-miss for any crafter!


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Good to know these stores especially now that am spending winter in the U.S.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, I wished these stores are available in my country. I used to hunt at $2 store, cheap stuff to get supplies.