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Ten Tips to take Great Photographs.

Updated on October 13, 2012

Do you have a great camera and want to take wonderful pictures? Sometimes the photograph doesn’t turn out right and you wonder why!! All of us can’t be professional photographers, even if we have some of the latest models of cameras. Here are some pointers that you can use to capture good photographs.
1.Hold the camera steady with your elbows close to your body, or propped on something like a table or a bench or preferably use a tripod.
2.Always remember that the light should shine on the face of the person or subject you are photographing and not on the lens.
3.Some photographs just bring a smile on your face. Just seeing these two girls giggling away makes you happy too. When you want to take a photograph, just see the situation and how it feels to you. Being at the right place may sometimes fetch you great pictures.
4.Look at it from a different angle. Sometimes a perfectly ordinary thing like a staircase may look wonderful, when you capture the picture from a different angle.
5.Before you click, check if you have focused right or is there any distraction in the background. Backgrounds can make your subject stand out. It may also sometimes distract the subject in focus.
6.The next essential thing is the direction that your subject looks when being photographed. It can have a great impact upon an image, so check it carefully. The line of vision of the subject can be used to create the mood of the picture.
7.Talk to experienced photographers. Study lots of photographs to see how they have been composed.
8.Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try taking photographs with different setups. If you have a digital camera, you need not worry about wasting film rolls. Just photograph and delete the ones you don’t like!!
9.Take lots and lots of pictures.
10.Have fun photographing!!


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