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The Art of Carving Wood Spirits

Updated on September 7, 2012

Ancient Art Form

Walking through a local arts and crafts expo, I stumbled upon a bunch of little faces carved out of various sizes and shapes of wood. Each one unique, they fascinated me. Wood spirits, the seller told me. Hand carved from woods in any variety of faces, animals, etc. Intrigued, I purchased one as a gift for my husband.

The art of carving wood spirits has been around at least since Medieval times. The carving was done directly on the tree. At that time it was believed that if you carved a face into the bark of a tree, you were releasing the tree spirit which would then bring you good luck.

Many cultures around the world have various stories and names for their version of wood spirits. The wood spirit has always been a symbol of good fortune and protection. They come in any number of personalities and personally, I find them fascinating.

Great Hobby

Inspired by the wood spirit, my husband took up an interest in wood carving. The tools for this hobby are not that expensive for the beginner, and there are many books on the topic that come with patterns you can copy. We purchased the carving kit, the wood and a couple of books off ebay. Various types of wood can also be purchased on-line or at local craft stores.

Wood carving of Tree Spirits and Wood Spirits is truly an art form. And not only do you get to enjoy the relaxation that comes from carving, but your making great gifts too!

Happy carving!

Our resident wood carving



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