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The Beauty of 3D Painting

Updated on April 7, 2012

There is no end when we talk about art. There are many shape of art. My biggest interesting of art is painting. Although all kind of art have place in my heart. We know there are many style in painting. And most of them has different character. Like Surrealism, cubism, abstract, naturalism, impressionism, realism, and many more. We also familiar with the biggest artist which give influence in the painting world. Like: Donatello, Leonardo da Vince, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Pablo Picasso, and many more.

But I found new style in painting. It called 3D painting. This painting looks great and it so real. I also enclose the picture of 3D painting. When we see this painting, like we are part or as an object. This painting like a mirage and anesthetize us to identify more closely with this painting. we are like hypnotized, and makes us curious. That's why many people like to see this art. Maybe the artist using many style to create their 3D painting. This is like the same opinion when we saw 3D movie. The audience will give wonderful comment, because the movie was interesting and really amazing. That's the same with 3d Painting. It look real and amazing also.

3D painting on the street by Edgar Mueller

When we see the painting, we must ask about the creator or the artist who make that painting. This is naturally, I also the same with you as an art lovers. Now I'll talk about the greatest artist who create 3D painting.His name is Edgar Mueller, an artist from Germany. You will surprised and impressed when pass the street on East Pier, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Suddenly in front us there is an ice abyss. On the other hand, people are also faced with the abyss filled with flames. However, it's not real. The scene was an art work which created by talented artist.

Beside in Ireland, he also painted a street in the city of Geldern, Germany in order to celebrate 30 years of the street art competition held every summer. Muller and his team took five days to complete a painting in the streets where they need 12 hours a day constantly struggling to paint the road with 250 square meters wide. His painting and the team was nearly perfect from every point of view that reflects the impression of 3 dimensions scene. He even persuaded the people to act like the gap in front of them is real.

In the East Pier, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, Mueller held this work for the Festival of World Cultures. He uses acrylic paint. Muller also using the camera lens to help visualize the whole idea in mind before starting to paint either side of the depth of the flat road surface and point of view.

He said that he inspired by the 'Pavement Picasso', the art work of Julian Beever, the British artist, Please take a look his art work below.

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

I hope this benefit useful for us as an inspiration. I know the world will be more beautiful with giving appreciation to the art work. Because the art id full color. And color is good for our life. There are many philosophy by the color. Thank you very much

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