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The Big Discussion: Wood Pellets Vs Wood

Updated on August 10, 2010

The Big Discussion: Wood Pellets Vs Wood

 There has been an ongoing discussion over which is better as a source of fuel, wood or wood pellets.  In particular over the past couple of years as certain environmental issues have been brought more into the mainstream, global warming more than anything else, this has been a hot topic.  The wood pellets Vs wood debate is one that can only be solved this way and in the end there is a clear winner.  There are some tremendous benefits offered by the wood pellets.

 That includes the fact that the wood pellets are a much more cost-effective option than regular wood.  The materials used to make wood pellets are usually recycled materials so you know right there you are going to be saving money.  Wood pellets are also preferred in most cases because they are less polluting to the environment than other fuel sources.  There are also other benefits of the wood pellets including that they are so much better for the environment.

 They produce less ashes and toxic emissions than regular wood and ten times less than fossil fuels.  In fact, studies have shown that the amount of carbon dioxide created by wood pellets burning is no more than that of a tree growing in the forest.  The most important thing is that the wood pellets do not contribute to global warming in any way and this is one fact that people really need to pay attention to.  There is another benefit to using the wood pellets which is that they are widely available.

 You can find them pretty much anywhere, whether you check out some local stores or if you do your shopping online.  Availability is certainly not a problem with wood pellets.  You can shop online and find a wealth of stores that sell wood pellets.  Wood pellets are considered to be one of the most effective sources of fuel in the world.

 You just need a wood pellet making machine and the right supplies.  As long as the wood you are using has a moisture content of between 10-20% it will be fine to make wood pellets.  More people are starting to recognize all that wood pellets have to offer and are making the switch.  The best part is that as soon as you start using wood pellet fuel you will start benefiting.


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