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The Doodle coloring book

Updated on October 11, 2015
Coloring book for adults
Coloring book for adults

Coloring therapy

Adult coloring books are so popular nowadays that even people who doesn't consider themselves "artsy" person are being drawn to this doodle-coloring craze. This trend makes people step away from a world full of gadgets that almost occupy our lives 24/7. Coloring break can also be the new "office break." as coloring is considered a therapeutic method to relieve stress.

There is something soothing about coloring different structures and designs. It is said that any activities that requires creativity can really help a person's physical and mental health. When we were at our early stage of learning, coloring is one of the activities that our parents and teachers let us do freely and sometimes with minimal instructions. This is because it is a way on how to express yourself without limits.

However most therapist agree that coloring is a good form of relaxation but can't be called therapeutic as those are two different things. Coloring just had it's way of making a person feel at ease.

Coloring books for Adults

For adults, coloring is just an easy task to complete. However, the coloring book for adults is not like your ordinary children's activity book. What I like about these is that the drawings or doodles in it are very unique and very detail-oriented. let's say in an ordinary coloring book, there's a picture of a tree. You only need at least two colors in it, green and brown. But in the coloring book for adults, there are intricate lines that are incorporated on that one picture. if you will see the picture of an owl above, you will notice that the owl was composed of several lines, curves and shapes that you can color.

Yes, it is quite complicated but that's the main reason why it's fun to do. It gives you the opportunity on combining colors that will go well with the other colors you've already applied in the doodle.

Social media influence

Thanks to social media, this coloring phenomenon became a sure hit with all ages and gender. There are even mobile phone/tablet apps that were created for you to install if you want to join the coloring book craze. For those who doesn't want to invest on coloring materials, those apps are for you. This fad had truly brought out the child in us and gives us a way to reconnect with ourselves.


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