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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 3

Updated on May 10, 2012

Scene 3

Jet is in her third story loft overlooking the city from the west. When you enter her loft, to the left is the living room area with a wraparound couch, a table in front of the couch, four television monitors in a built-in wall unit straight ahead, Michael Cheval Giclees on the walls. On the right is the stairway up to her open air bedroom. Straight ahead is a long wide hallway with nothing in it. At the end of the hall is a small alcove with weights and a punching bag. She is petite but very strong and has a low center of gravity. High reps with the weights, destruction to the punching bag and lots of round-off flip flops and other gymnastics and martial arts moves down the long wide hallway. She is a self taught warrior.

Jet is pacing back and forth in her loft talking to herself. Baldble was supposed to get in touch with her an hour ago. She is feeling uneasy. "You're never late. You always keep in touch. I've tried every form of communication. Where are you!!" she yells to noone in her loft. She stops and looks out her third floor window. She picks up her secure phone and calls Primer. He picks up. Before he can say anything, Jet is yelling into the phone. "He's late! He's not in communication! You know that's the code we live by! Stay connected...always! I know something's wrong!" The last exclamation has a bit of a sob in it. "I'll call Bail and we'll meet in the park in 20 minutes...try and stay calm, ok?" Primer says trying to stay calm himself. Jet just hangs up the phone, shuts off her emotions and goes into warrior mode. She's out the door in 10 minutes. The crew is always synchronized. There is no room for error these days.

At exactly 20 minutes all three of them come out of the shadows...and disappear together into another shadow."He's still not answering. Something is definitely up!" whispers Bail. Alright, let's get over to his place. Everybody on high alert!" says Primer. They arrive at Baldble's three flat in the warehouse district of town. They immediately notice that the windows are blown out on the bottom floor and the bricks are singed on the outside. Jet cries "Nooo!" They all start running for the entrance. Primer gets there first and unlocks the door. They all have each others keys. Trust is a must is one of their many mottos. They run up the stairs, open the door to his place and sprint down the stairs to the lab. Baldble is on the floor but is moving. He is covered in soot and ash. He sits up when he hears them come in...and then is immediately knocked down by Jet's hugs and sobbing. The warrior is in pause mode as her worry washes off her. Finally they all help Baldble up and the questions begin. Questions have no answers as of now. They will be tackled later. "Lets get out of here. I need some air! exclaims Baldble. "Did you see anyone outside at all when you came in?" he asks. They all reply no. "Lets go out the back way just in case." he responds. Primer, Bail and Jet guard the perimeter outside while Baldble gets a breath of fresh air and about coughs his lungs out. After about fifteen minutes they all go back in. They board up the windows that were blown out, put a fan in the basement and lock up the lab.

Baldble takes a shower and comes out to a King's meal prepared by Jet. All four sit down and eat in silence. Nighttime is here. The day has just begun.

Be sure to read "The Beginning", Scene 1 and Scene 2 before reading Scene 3.


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