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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 5

Updated on May 21, 2012

The Graffiti Wars - Scene 5

The rest of the night was uneventful. Not much talking. They went back to Primer's place. They all spent the night together. Nobody wanted to be alone. They would all go back to Baldble's in the daytime to survey the lab. There isn't much danger during the day...for them anyway. Primer owns his own building. Bad side of town for some. He is bad if need be. Streetfighter extrordinaire. Self taught on the streets. A good fighter because he has fought alot. Didn't always win at first but the more you fight the better you get. Anyway, Primer's place was a great buy. In this abandoned part of the city, he just claimed it. Put bricks up in all the entrances. To someone looking to get in there would seem no entrance at all. There is one entrance and only he and the crew know where it is. He fixed it up himself. His is also a three flat with two apartments on each side. Each apartment is three stories high giving him a total of eight apartments. They're all fixed up but noone lives in them...not even him. His apartment is where the three level staircase used to be. He converted that into his apartment. One way in, one way out. Ten foot high barb wire on the roof. Cameras and an alarm system that sends his ipad a schematic of his place and ongoing video when there is a breach. Hasn't happened yet but if the building were ever breached all they would find are empty apartments. Primer is in the unknown middle of the building. Again, one way in, one way out.

In the morning they tread back to Baldble's pad. Nobody's been here. He checked his ipad which gives him updates on his alarms and camera visuals. Anytime anybody comes within ten feet of his building his cameras snap a shot and send it to him. Only passersby last night. They go inside and directly down to the lab. It's toast but the smoke has cleared.

"Looks like I have some remodeling to do and a lot to replace here." says Baldble. "At least the damage is contained? to this area." chimes in Jet. "I guess those reinforced floors really work." They go back upstairs and sit down. "Here's the deal," Baldble begins. "Obviously something happened to me during the explosion. I don't know what that disappearing into the wall thing was, but I want to go back and see if it still happens or if it was a one time circumstance. I also want to bring something in with me and let the bowling balls roll over it and see what happens. "Yea, what if you jumped into an alligator tag and became the main course." added Primer. "What if you jumped into a hot babe tag..." started Bail with eyebrows raised before he got slapped in the face by Jet. "Pervert!" yelled Jet exposing a little jealously. "We'll go back tonight. First things first." said Baldble. "Shopping! Lets go visit one-stop chemistry supply store.


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