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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 7

Updated on June 20, 2012

The Graffiti Wars - Scene 7

Another night and early morning of explosions throughout the city prompted the Chief of Police to call an emergency meeting with all the officers of every rank in the city. It was scheduled for the following morning. All the officers came. They all felt like they were losing control. The Chosen were like a drug Cartel. They had ammassed all the money, the guns and the power that went with it! They lived above the law. They were the law. So first thing on this given morning with all assembled, the Chief of Police started.

"You all know why we're here. We are losing all our power and quite frankly any relevance in society. The Chosen through their illegal ways have ammassed billions of dollars while the rest who work and abide by the law have but little money and little power. The money and especially the threats The Chosen have brandished on those who decide and enforce the law have "persuaded" lawyers and judges into corruption. What is a lawyer or judge to do if they stick to their principles only to be threatened or killed by The Chosen. The kidnapping, the deaths, they are real! They have compromised even the best officials and lawmakers. It's time to draw a line in the sand. We're out-numbered and out gunned?, but...word on the street is," he paused for effect because he knew the rumor had been circulating and pirculating. "The taggers. Hardly a nemesis for us these days. Kids out making art. They're actually quite good. They've turned from vandals to artists over the years. Nevertheless, the taggers are about the only nuisance left to The Chosen. The Chosen have run out of enemies. The Chosen are mounting a full out war on the taggers. Their plan is working. Many explosions, many dead. Alot of you know of the most well-known and respected tagger known as Baldble. He is a good guy. I know him well. He knows that I know that his crew is the least of our worries. In the last 24 hours he has reached legendary status by apparently jumping into and disappearing into a tag. He is now respectably known as "He Gone." I don't know exactly what his ability to disappear means as of yet. It could give us a distinct advantage in fighting back against The Chosen. These taggers are angry at the recent killings and attacks by The Chosen. I'm going to have a talk with He Gone and find out what happened to him. I'm also going to find out if he and his new gift will be able to help us and this city. I'll keep you all informed." The crowd of officers left confident and enthusiastic at the news. They dispersed and speculated amongst each other as to the ramifications of the recent change of events.

He Gone is walking by himself in the early evening before nightfall. The preface to when his day begins...when the night people come out and play. A police car pulls up beside him and stops. He Gone looks over at the officers he knows who patrol his side of town. The driving officer says "He Gone?, I guess it is."

He Gone smiles, laughs and answers " I guess it is if you believe the rumors. What's up fellas."

"The Captain wants to see you." replies the officer.

"Am I being arrested?" He Gone asks facetiously.

"No, just wants to talk to you about the recent rash of explosions at spray paint labs and, um, the recent rumors of your..." "Looks like you got in a little bit of an accident yourself. Listen, things are getting out of control, we need your help, anything you can offer."

"The Chosen!" stated He Gone.

"Yes, The Chosen. And apparently they've chosen you."

Back at Police headquarters the Police Chief is pacing as the officers and He Gone knock and walk in.The Police Chief gestures at He Gone to sit down.

"So, Baldble. Is He Gone?" he says with a slight grin.

"Yes, sir. I was in a small explosion as you can see. The other night after the explosion, my crew and I were out messin' around and when I was pushed into one of my tags, I...just fell into it. Strange, weird but completely true."

The Police Chief nodded his head in disbelief and rubbed his eyes. "I'll definitely want to discuss the specifics of that later! For now, do you have any insight into why my city is blowing up on a daily basis. The Mayor is breathing down my neck! The explosions are all underground spray paint labs."

He Gone sighed. "My guess is that The Chosen are planting explosive elements in the spray paint ingredients and introducing them into the black market. That is why I have been experimenting with other non black market ingredients to come up with a new compound. The small explosion I endured had nothing to do with the tainted black market goods. It only had to do with my own experimentation."

The Police Chief nodded with relief. "He Gone, if I may, the police have a stark disadvantage when it comes to weapons these days. And with lack of weapons comes lack of power. This city is on the brink of falling to the power of The Chosen. We have to make a last stand. So is there any advantage to having your new gift in our battle against The Chosen?!"

"Chief, my new gift AND my recent invention could bring down The Chosen if we work together. " explained He Gone.

"Explain." said the Chief with a hint of resolve.

"We taggers have no weapons. And even if we did we would be no match for The Chosen. The Police force is no match for The Chosen. We don't know where they hide, you don't know where they hide. We're both out-numbered and out gunned."

"I feel much better. Thanks for the pep talk." said the Chief.

Here's my plan. My crew still has paint ball guns. I've created a paint ball with some B grade paint. This particular paint is not good for tagging thus is not dangerous. Mixed into this compound is a small a lo-jack. If any one of The Chosen gets hit with a paint ball, the lo-jack chip gets implanted into their body just under their skin. It hurts but so does a paint ball hitting you. They will have no clue. They just wash off the paint and they're none the wiser. You can monitor the whereabouts of this one person. We can keep tabs on all the locations where this person and his or her crew stop. They travel in groups of three to five. They are bound to stop by their lair sooner or later. Once we know where their lair is, we start step two." He Gone paused for a breath."Once we know where their lair is, we'll be able to follow different contingents out and ambush them with paint gun fire. Then you guys can follow them and take them down. A sleuth of police vs. 4 or 5 people. Then start the process over again. I can get into close range to shoot the paint balls at any member of The Chosen because I can just disappear. Just take them down 3,4,5 at a time. Nobody will be the wiser. The Chosen won't know what's happening until it's too late.

The Chief let it all sink in, let loose a little grin and laughed. "That just might work! We have to do a test run on your paint ball gun. If it works, we're a go right away. The streets are getting ugly!"


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