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The Best Photography Tip Ever - Always Carry a Camera!

Updated on March 12, 2011
Onchan Head, Isle of Man sunrise.
Onchan Head, Isle of Man sunrise. | Source

Always carry a camera...

This is not a feature about the fantastic breathtakingly stunning landscape photographs I have taken down the years, but all the ones that got away. We have all been there. Out driving in the car or simply out walking doing normal everyday things such as shopping, taking the kids to school or perhaps just visiting the family, when you have turned the corner and been presented with the most perfect image ever.

It could have been a stunning sunrise or sunset, perfect lighting on the landscape, or perhaps a wild deer or rare bird only feet away from you. But where is your camera when you need it most? Yep, you have left it at home or in the back of the car as you were not in photographer mode at the time. Sound familiar?

Kicking Myself

We have all done it numerous times. I have lost count the number of shots that I have let get away. I should be permanently bruised the amount of times I have kicked myself in the past simply for not having a camera with me. It’s getting into the right mind set of always carrying a camera around with you at all time times. Easier said than done for most of us. Our hectic everyday modern life tends to get in the way of most people.

Life in the Fast Lane

We seemed to be living in the fast lane, and as you know being in the fast lane doesn’t gives us anytime to enjoy the scenery along the way. So not only do you have to carry a camera with you all the time, but try and slow down to the speed of life a bit and take in what is around you. There are stunning photographs everywhere, but first you need to be able to see, appreciate and finally take them.

An Exercise

Just for an exercise; stop surfing the internet for a minute. Now get up and walk over to the nearest window and spend a little time taking in the view. It maybe your back or front garden, out of your office or cafe window. Now you have taken it all in, how many pictures did you see that you could take? Was it a wild bird in your garden, the sunlight bursting through the clouds illuminating a old church or modern office block, or just the perfect sunset over your local beauty spot? One final question, where is you camera now? If you are like me it will be safely tucked away at home. Are you also now kicking yourself too, but that will teach you.

New Mind Set

We have to get into a mind set of taking a camera with us everywhere. Well, okay you don’t need to sleep with a camera under your pillow like a secret agent with his gun, but every time you leave the house, you really must take a camera with you. It can be really hard to remember a camera while you are preparing to leave the house, especially if you have kids around your ankles demanding all the time.

Don’t Wait or Hesitate

Now, I thought just simply carrying a camera around with me all the time would cure the problem of missed photographs. No, its not that easy. Not only do have to have the camera with you, but also you have to grab that moment. You have to actually take the image at the moment you see it. Don’t wait or hesitate or it will be gone forever. Once you realise that you need to take a camera with you all the time, hopefully your chances of pulling off the perfect shot will increase as you will be prepared.

Nature’s Greatest Shows

Again, to take pictures you need a camera, but first you need to take the camera with you. Some times nature’s greatest shows only last a fleeting few minutes or even seconds, but next time you see one, you will be there ready to capture it forever on your camera.

There is an old saying that: ‘Ships are safe in harbour, but that’s not what they are designed for’ - I think the same applies for cameras.

Useful Tips:

1) Get into the habit of taking a camera out with you all the time.

2) Never hesitate - you often never get a second chance to press that shutter button.

3) Make sure there is plenty of room on your memory card and the battery is full charged.

4) Be in photography mode while out and scan for possible images.

5) Try not to be too hard on yourself if you miss a shot - perhaps after all, your destiny was not to take that picture….


Do you always carry a camera with you?

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Peel Castle, Isle of Man - Most Haunted
Peel Castle, Isle of Man - Most Haunted | Source


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    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 5 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Always carry a camera... This is not a feature about the fantastic breathtakingly stunning landscape photographs I have taken down the years, but all the ones that got away.

    • Karl  VanGuilder profile image

      Karl VanGuilder 6 years ago from North Eastern USA

      this is good advice and i try to alway have a camera as well as a camera fone with me . But i'am still new to digital photography as my main experiance was with old film type stuff .

      i still have much to learn and as always i enjoy learn more as well as takeing pic's .

      thank you for this info.

    • Edlira profile image

      Edlira 7 years ago

      Very interesting hub! I love to take pics as well, but the problem, in my case, is that every time I take a beautiful shot or am looking at one, then I immediately imagine it in a canvas, since I love to paint :-), instead of just enjoying the view, at least for a few moments. And regarding your exercise, just did. Can't see much outside since it is 23.20, and besides it's stormy weather. But If I could have caught that flying trash bin that would have made some kind of

      Cheers, Edlira.

    • profile image

      Hammer57 7 years ago

      Great ideas and well written! Your photos could be worth a lot of money to you as well. I came across a website that explains where you can upload pictures and others will pay to use them. Pretty cool!

      check it out at