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The Many Uses of The Plastic Beverage Cup

Updated on December 23, 2016

The plastic beverage cup is perhaps one of the most useful things and I bet the creators never thought it would be used for much more than drinking out of. How wrong they would be if that was so. These cups are amazing and below are the many fun things that is in store for the life of the plastic beverage cup.

  • Used to make pyramids - Nothing like being bored and stacking the up. Generally a base of 8 is a good starting point, then 7 on top, then 6, etc. Try it next time you’re bored.
  • Minute to Win It - The plastic cup plays an important role in this show and at home versions of the game. Two games in particular that comes to mind that were often played is “Movin On Up” and “Stack Attack”. Each of course had to be completed in under 60 seconds.
  • College Games – The game of Quarters or Beer Pong are two very popular games were inebriation occurs with the use of the cups. I don’t endorse it, but we all know of them and that they are played.
  • Container to hold things - I got a couple of these in my garage that contains different nuts or bolts. Also great for throwing change into them.
  • Reusing them to start plants - By simply punching a few little holes at the bottom you can place dirt or triple mix and begin your outdoor plants in them.

Plastic Cup Made Into a Ghost
Plastic Cup Made Into a Ghost | Source
  • Make Labels - Cut the cups into long strands and use them as labels for your plants. Such as writing Cherry tomatoes on one side and placing it into the pot so you know later on.
  • Making decorations – A fun way to reuse the cups is to make them into a decoration with your kids. See how this one site did a plastic cup ghost for Halloween. I’ve used red ones in the past to make reindeer.

  • Food Scooping - Using a plastic cup as a food scoop works amazing with pasta when you forget to bring a big spoon . They are also great for scooping dog food, since you may not want to touch it or use you utensils.
  • Used for Beverages - Didn't think I would forget to write this one in did you? Just be carful as most plastic cups are easily cracked.
  • Used in a country music song - Singer Tobey Keith, sings a catchy song called “My Red Solo Cup” where he talks about how great the his red cup is and partying.

Hope you enjoyed my little list of uses of the plastic beverage cup. Was just something fun I thought I would write. Please keep in mind that depending on the plastic in the cup and the scientist involved. Plastic cups can take between 20 and 100 years to decompose. So please recycle, reduce and reuse when able.


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