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The Mous House

Updated on February 4, 2019
Roswick profile image

Robert Roswick is a grey-haired tinkerer born, raised and living in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The Front Entry
The Front Entry | Source

This seems to be a good idea.

I always thought it would be cool to have a mouse door in the hallway. A few weeks ago I ran into a photo on Pinterest, so I opened it. Holy Cow! was there a plethora of entries. It was a reminder because I had my own ideas. I wanted a Gothic door with a small window. But I still needed motivation. Well, I found some old slats for wooden blinds. These were high-quality wood and the right thickness. I no longer had any excuses. Off to the design shop. An arc here and a line there with a little nameplate thrown in an I had it.
I tried a few iterations of a nameplate and settled on this. I moved the doorknob from the left to the right. I started out with too many letters and trimmed that down.

After Hours
After Hours | Source

I have an idea!

And now for a little stroke of genius: Glow in the Dark paint. Yep, I just poured some in each window with a dropper and I had that “at home after hours” look.
Boy, these will make some great gifts. I’m going to send them out to those who I know will appreciate them. I needed some instructions on what to do with the door when you pull it out of the package. Well, I will write something up:

Instructions Included.
Instructions Included. | Source
The Home of a Country Mouse.
The Home of a Country Mouse. | Source

Not exactly perfect execution.

My only mistake was not sending some kind of adhesive with the doors. I thought they would work with two-sided foam mounting tape. It lifted the door off the surface and made it look unnatural. If it looked unnatural, one could come to the conclusion that maybe a mouse really didn’t live there. I can’t live with that so I sent them out without the foam tape and unfortunately nothing else.

Report #1

Well, a week goes by and I really don’t hear much. As I expected, brother-in-law Mark is the first to get back to me. I get a text, ”OK...the “MOUS” is in the house.”

This magic bean is beginning to sprout.

We couldn't put the door upstairs because the girls didn't want to sleep with our new guest.
We couldn't put the door upstairs because the girls didn't want to sleep with our new guest. | Source

Report #2

Next up is a text and photo from nephew Greg with the following: “Thank you and installed—girls think a mouse is going to walk out of it at any moment—didn’t want it upstairs— added a door handle.”

So far so good!

Now that boy can follow instructions!
Now that boy can follow instructions! | Source

Report #3

Next up is my nephew Jeff and his text: “I got your mous house. Send flavored paper next time.”

So far, it has been worth it!

What is next?

So I might have to make a few more of these doors. They need hinges so I will add those. Although I like “E.J. Mous” I might have to give Mr. Mouse a name with a little more depth. How about a name with a great deal of depth.

New designs.
New designs. | Source

Is anyone home?

I have some little ladies looking for evidence of someone really living at the "House". It appears that I will be going back to the machine shop to design some tools that can be left in front of the door with a few sesame seeds. I'm thinking an old-school brass mallet with a toothpick handle. Add a touch to stain and a dip into the lacquer and I think I will have it. Unfortunately, I will have to deal with the swallowing hazard because my training falls more in that venue than carpentry.

© 2019 Robert Roswick


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