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The William Ricketts Sanctuary

Updated on April 12, 2012

William Ricketts was an unbelievable Australian sculptor who devoted his life to the welfare our indigenous population. Born in Richmond, Victoria in 1898 he excelled in his early years in various forms of art. In 1934 he moved to Mt Dandenong, where he began his lifelong work on his sanctuary. Coming to life in the forest are over ninety amazing sculptors of mainly aboriginal elders and children. These clay works of art were fired on sited then made to look like they had been part of the landscape for hundreds of years.

A Beautiful Place on the edge of Melbourne

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A markerWilliam Ricketts Sanctaury -
William Ricketts Sanctuary, 1402-1404 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Mt Dandenong VIC 3767, Australia
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B markerPuffing Billy Railway -
Puffing Billy Railway, 1 Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia
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The Final Resting Place of William Ricketts


The spiritual and material meaning of this beautiful forest scene cannot be revealed by words alone.

It has to felt within your innermost divine centre.

The sculptural works expressed in the forest scene are secondary manifestations derived from the primary purpose of this sanctuary. The words expressed here are secondary to the meaning of the sculptural works. However the words do help to reveal the meaning of this lovely forest scene as expressing the highest awakening possible to the human being.

Love Giving of Itself



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