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The Power of Creativity

Updated on January 20, 2020
5 stars for The Power of Creativity

The introduction

Art is a visual and emotional experience, one can visit the local art gallery or museum to try and understand how art works and is perceived. This article is about experiencing art, public reaction, skill and art. It will look at the distinction between all of the fore-mentioned components and how they work together.

Public reaction

A great, fifteenth century, masterpiece can at times change the way you see, think and feel; it creates complexities in the mind. There are also ugly pieces that are - at times, eventually, considered quite beautiful - this is creative power at work. The years of study and dedication to the craft and the effects that they have produced leaves an overwhelming impression and a feeling of awe. Many artist spend months and sometimes years to paint a picture. And, yet it only takes a moment to view.

The museum's fundamental goal is to stir the imagination, spark a realisation and excite the visitors, it should not be an academic display but an exhibition of something that can relate to the individual, groups and can enhance the wider communiy to which it belongs. Broadly, the purpose of the museum is to help us discover something new, to lift the human spirit, inspire us and promote culture.

Visitors response from various museums are understandably mixed. Some people look pass the art and think of the cost of the whole set up. Visitors are mindful of the future and suggest that children participate. And others simply love it. But how many local people visit the museum? Generally, the numbers are small the majority of visitors are tourists. Therefore, the challenge is to attract the local community in to visit.

What does it take to be a great artist?

It has been said that to be a great artist they must possess: vision, imagination, intelligence, bravery, originality, spirituality and curiosity. Skill is developed through learned art experiences, therefore, art, imagination and skill are synonymous. On the other hand, others believe that it is not necessary to possess any talent and that anyone can draw and paint.

A skill is a learned activity, it usually involves using the hands or body. The activities are complex and to reach a level of expertise can take years. Art is a human expression and after becoming skilled at the craft great pieces can be created. An artistic talent is entwined with skill; nurtured through the practice of art.

An artisan cannot function without the component of skill. There have been many obstacles that an artist has faced and skill helps them overcome their difficulties.

For example an exhibit of a urinal can be passed off as art. Initially I was baffled, and tried to understand what the artist was trying to convey. But then I decided, after some research, it was reactionary art. Personally, I felt that it wasn't art but just a urinal. A personal view is subjective and it reflects a unique response to art.

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Urinal in art exhibition
Urinal in art exhibition | Source

Public debate - Urinal or Art

The public response to an urinal art exhibition was varied. It was regarded as a piece of influential work. Public response was heated. "It is not the urinal that is important here folks, it is the idea and the challenge to conventional thinking" A S Wretham, Powell River, Canada. The artist is trying to evoke an emotional response to the public. Emotions are powerful for life change (Jim Rohn, 2016).

However, this creation belongs to someone else. All credit should go to the manufacturers, who designed it, and is simply a functional piece for the bathroom.

The Starry Night - Van Gogh

The power of creativity

Art creates an emotive reaction for the individual, group and public. One can disagree or agree in what can turn out to be a heated discussion. But the work of an artisan provides beauty and wonder. A powerful visual piece of art can transform how you see your world. Take the journey and the challenge and visit a museum and find a piece of art that inspires you and completely changes your world view.

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