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Thread Printing

Updated on October 22, 2011

This is for most of those art loving people who have nothing to do this summer and have a lot of spare time. To keep you busy I bring you a new kind of rather fabulous activity. Thread printing'. It has interesting and easy to carry out steps, which will keep you busy for hours.

Things you need:

* 4 or 5 different colour poster paints

* Good quality white thread

* A medium size paintbrush

* An old plate or palette

* Old newspaper

* A thick and heavy book

Step 1:

First spread an old newspaper on your work table. Dip your paintbrush in any poster paint, for example, red (use as little water as you can when painting the thread). Take a long piece of thread. Hold it from one end and cover it entirely with paint except the last two inches, from where you are holding it.

Step 2:

Take a plain white sheet of paper and holding the thread from the clean side, arrange the thread in any design on the paper, without using your other hand.

Wrap your heavy book in newspaper so as not to ruin its cover. Put it on the design and press it firmly. Make sure you don't cover the clean part of the thread too with your book.

Step 3:

Now pull out the thread very slowly, without removing the book. After you have pulled out the entire thread, remove the book and have a look at your fabulous design. Let it dry.

Do the same with different colours. You can even make and decorate your own greeting cards using the method.


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    • Amy Priddy profile image

      Amy Priddy 6 years ago from Greenbrier, Arkansas

      I Love It!

    • profile image

      susmita barman 6 years ago

      really i ddnt get it understand........if u can ellaborate it step wise then i can make it by my self