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Three Dimensional Origami Artwork

Updated on April 16, 2017

3D Origami

Chinese Paper Folding or 3 Dimensional Origami is also know as Golden Venture Folding. It is a type of modular origami formed by hundreds or thousands of folded simple triangular pieces that are inserted into one another to create elaborate sculptures. The number of units or triangle pieces needed depend on the level of complexity and the size of the model.

Chinese paper folding became popularized in the 1990's when a ship called the Golden Venture brought illegal Chinese immigrants into USA. While the Chinese refugees waited for trial for political asylum, they were put in prison. To pass their time, many of the immigrants sought to soothe their troubles through creative expression. These immigrants started making beautiful and elegant origami models using everything from magazine pages to toilet paper. Some of the origami models were given away as gifts, some were sold to pay for legal fees, and some other models were displayed in the traveling exhibit.

My Adventure

My love for 3D Origami didn't start until one day one of my cousins stopped by my restaurant and showed me her origami models made from magazine papers. I was super impressive and intrigued by her sophisticated artworks. I have been doing origami artwork for many years prior to seeing those 3D Origami. The origami I made in the past consisted with just single piece of paper, but I had never seen anything looked like those models before. I wanted to learn how to make them, unfortunately it was just a short visit for my cousin.

After my cousin left, I studied the models for several days and I could not seem to figure out how she put them together. The models looked complicated and mysterious, but I was so determined that I was going to crack the code. Then I started searching all the available materials related to this amazing artwork all over the internet; however, to my disappointment, I was not able to find detailed step by step instructions that show you how to make something from start to finish. Eventually I got frustrated spending hours and hours on the computer searching for instructions. Of course, there are books available for sale that would solve all my frustration, but I was not planning to spend money on it. Back then I was still a student, I was little tight on my budget, so I wanted a free solution. At one point I did stop all my search online, and I went and studied my cousin's models again.

I told myself no matter how challenging this is going to be, I will do whatever it takes to solve the puzzle. With all the effort, time, and energy I put into it, I finally figured it out. I was filled with so much joy and excitement when this seemingly impossible puzzle was finally solved; I felt so proud and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. In fact, these impressive and seemingly difficult models are deceptively easy to make. Each solid object is formed by combining hundreds or thousands of folded small pieces of triangles. In the beginning, it was especially difficult and time-consuming to learn every step, but over time, everything has gotten better and easier for me. I consider myself an origami maniac, I have devoted a great deal of my life to 3D Origami Art. I have been doing origami artwork for about 7 years and I am still passionate about it.

The models I have created so far include the following: swan, fish, flower vase, heart, bride and groom in a beautiful boat with Chinese writing of double happiness in the background, panda bear, bear, hello kitty, penguin, chicken, tweety bird, peacock, flower basket, Santa clause, snow man, and pikachu. I believe there are more other models to come in the future. I love doing this artwork, it is not only soothing, but I love making them and give them away to my friends and families on special occasions as gifts.

Please bear in mind, this kind of origami artwork is extremely time consuming. Do not expect to finish a model in 30 minutes or so. The amount of time it takes to complete a sculpture or model depends on how many pieces you need or how big the sculpture is, it can take anywhere from one hour to more than a week to even several months. But in my option no matter what the level of complexity or the size of the model is, it will be worthy and surely impressive in the end.

My artwork

In this hub, I am going to show some of the artworks I have created so far. The biggest one I just created and completed recently is about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The whole process took me about 2 month and approximately 30,000 triangular pieces. Thanks to my friend that helped me fold some of these pieces, I would probably still be folding them if I was to do it alone. This model is 3D Origami Bridge and Groom, they are put in a large basket with Chinese character double happiness in the background created for my wedding.

My goal is to provide step by step instructions and videos for those that want to learn. In the next few weeks, I am going to provide a detailed step by step instruction on how to put these triangle pieces together to form a model. At the meantime, please check out my video on how to make triangle pieces. Enjoy!

Want to learn How to Make 3 D Origami Hello Kitty. Click Here

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami

How to Create Base for 3D origami

My 3D Origami Collection

3D Origami Bride and Groom

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Heart

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Bear/Panda Bear

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Tweety Bird/Chicken

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Flower Basket

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Flower Vase

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Pikachu

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Teapot

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Fish

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami hello kitty boy/girl

3D Origami Peacock

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3D Origami Swan

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Which of the following is your favorite origami art?

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