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Tips and pointers on how to have fresh-cut flower bouquets

Updated on March 28, 2013

If your garden is already teeming with flowers that come in different shapes, sizes and colors, it is about time to cut some of them and enjoy their splendor and scent when you bring them at your home. To come up with a fresh and homemade bouquet, the director of horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York has this valuable suggestion:

  • Morning is the best time to cut flowers from your garden, since I is cooler. The stems are filled with water and will subject to lesser stress from heat and humidity.
  • Once the flowers are cut, quickly place them in a bucket with deep water. See to it that the water isn’t hot.
  • Keep the cut flower in your fridge overnight to prevent them from wilting.
  • On the next day, recut stems diagonally to permit the flowers to absorb the most water it can. See to it that you use sharp scissors to a guarantee a clean cut and it will not crush the ends of the stem.
  • You can keep the bouquet for a long time as much as possible, by regularly taking out the flowers from their vase to recut stems and changing the water.
  • Another suggestion this time from the author is to use cold water on the vase.

Thanks a lot for the read.

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