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Top 10 Guitar Brands

Updated on December 12, 2011

#1. Gibson

Gibson is considered by many to be the finest guitars on the planet. These guitars sound great and are a dream to play. The Les Paul Standard sets the standard for all great guitars. Gibson has been around for quite some time and continues to crank out high quality guitars. This is the first company to ever mass produce an electric guitar so they have had lots of experience in making them. These guitars are rather pricey, but you will be glad you made the investment. These guitars usually grow in value and a collectors item to many. Gibson guitars are very versatile in their sound and are responsible for producing some of the most timeless rock songs and power ballads.

#2. Martin

#2. Martin is a true contender of Gibson. There is a strong debate between who makes the better acoustic guitar. Since Martin only makes acoustic guitars I had to give the #1 spot to Gibson. Martin guitars have an outstanding tone and feel just as good when you play them.

#3. Fender

Fender comes in at number three because of its outstanding fleet of electric guitars. This brand is not th best at making acoustic guitars, but their electrics are favorites among some of the greatest musicians. The Fender Stratocaster is on of the most popular electric guitars in the world and for very good reason. It is very comfortable and sounds great.

#4. Taylor

Until recently Taylor only made acoustic guitars, but as of lately they have branched out to making electrics. I own a Taylor myself and it is an awesome guitar. the thing that drove me to buy it was the volume and clarity. I must admit that the play-ability is not as good as Gibson or Martin guitars, but the sound quality is top notch. As far as volume I would say that Taylor wins hands down.

#5. Alvarez

Alvarez is a guitar brand that stays out of the spotlight, but makes awesome guitars at a great price. Every guitar has its own unique sound even if it is a duplicate. I have played some Alvarez guitars that give Martin and Gibson a run for their money. So if you want a great sounding guitar and don't want to break the bank the I would recommend an Alvarez.

#6. Schecter

This brand of guitars is new to the industry, but is making a name for itself in the music world. Schecter is a guitar brand that is mainly geared toward rock and metal, but is an extremely versatile guitar at the same time. I used to own one and the thing that I liked about it most was the play-ability of the neck. It felt amazing and made playing scales a breeze. The sound is great too, but is a little biased to harder rock styles. These guitars are very affordable too, but their prices are rising due to their growing popularity.

#7. Ibanez

Ibanez is a sort of young gun when it comes to making guitars, but they are establishing quite a name for themselves. They used to be more of a rock guitar, but as of lately they have started manufacturing arch-top and semi-hollow body guitars. This has given them more credibility and a more versatile lineup of guitars. I own one of their custom arch-tops and must say that it is one of the best arch-tops that I have ever played. It is ideal for Jazz and is also sounds great when played acoustically.

#8. Takamine

Here is a guitar brand that makes mostly acoustic guitars. and is played by quite a few famous musicians such as Garth Brooks. I used to own one of these guitars and I enjoyed every minute of it. These guitars are very affordable and have a wide variety to choose from as far as price. They do make more expensive guitars that some would argue are better than Gibson, but it all comes down to preference.

#9. Esp

These guitars are a lot like Schecter in sound, feel, and price. Under a $1000 dollars will get you an outstanding rock guitar that will rival other guitars that are double the price. The greatest thing about these guitars is the feel of the neck. These guitars are made for high distortion and a range of rock and roll styles. This is the guitar manufacturer that builds the signature guitars for both of the guitarists in Metallica.

#10. Jackson

To the best of my knowledge this is an electric guitar company. These guitars are very affordable and have a very unique look to them. The guitars from this brand are mainly geared toward metal and sound great for the style.

Do you think Gibson deserves the #1 spot?

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    • profile image

      Alexander Jensen 4 months ago

      I love my Alverez

    • Paul Westphal profile image

      Paul Westphal 5 years ago from Starke,FL

      what blows my mind is that jackson did make the list and you failed to realize it

    • profile image

      Taylor 5 years ago

      Biased with lack of supporting information. The fact that Jackson or PRS didn't make this list blows my mind. PRS is easily a number 2-4 spot.

    • Pastor Wonderful profile image

      Pastor Wonderful 5 years ago

      Fender is the shoe that fits my hands...

      Reverend guitars fit my budget.

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      I think Godin should be on the list and Frankly Crafter too

      not for the size of company but best quality for the money.

    • profile image

      Darren 5 years ago

      Gibson use to be the best with what they made in the 50's and 60's. I was a fan for years. But when I chose to seek a different guitar I went with ESP. They have amazing quality and ability. They have won me over from the once known best maker of guitars.

    • Yellowrose06 profile image

      Yellowrose06 6 years ago from Baytown

      I feel anyone who has something to share of a talent should be giving a chance.its nice to have friends ..

    • Jbern117 profile image

      Jbern117 6 years ago from Dunmore, PA

      Very interesting, helpful information... I have a fender acoustic myself.

    • Yellowrose06 profile image

      Yellowrose06 6 years ago from Baytown

      Yes,I would love to follow the person of talent with that is so special.