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Top 10 tripods for amateur photographers

Updated on October 29, 2010

Unless you have been living in the medieval ages, it is very likely that you have already seen a tripod and know what it is. Also, since you are reading this hub, it means you have a fair idea about how important it is to photography. But, just in case you don't know, tripods are those tall and thin structures that are used to support your camera, and are used for a variety of purposes by photographers, some of which include:

  1. To place your camera at a position which would be hard to maintain with your hands without support. For example, keeping your camera at your chest level.
  2. Placing the camera at a fixed location for extended periods of time (to make a movie for instance)
  3. Placing the camera at a fixed location for multiple shots (to make a stop motion animation)
  4. Several digital cameras already come with motion blur removing technology, but if you want crystal clear photographs that have absolutely no motion blur, it is still advisable to use a tripod.
  5. When you start using heavier and larger lenses, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a steady hand and angle.

So, now that you know how important it is for professional level photography, lets check out the top 10 tripods, that are simple and easy to use, and whose costs do not put you off.

The Mini Tripods

Kodak Gear Mini Tripod
Kodak Gear Mini Tripod

This is a cool little tripod, that you can easily carry anywhere. Perfect for making stop motion animation, or if you are trying to capture something small. You can simply place it on your table and start capturing. It costs almost nothing. If you have never used a tripod, this is a good start.


The larger Tripods

"Zeikos ZE-TR26A 50-Inch Photo/Video Travel Tripod Includes Deluxe Tripod Carrying Case for Use with Digital Cameras and Camcorders
"Zeikos ZE-TR26A 50-Inch Photo/Video Travel Tripod Includes Deluxe Tripod Carrying Case for Use with Digital Cameras and Camcorders

This is a 50-inch tripod, with extensible, 4 section legs. The head can be titled to any angle you need. You can place the slightly bigger cameras on this, but not the really heavy ones. Ideal for indoors only, as it is very light weight.


So, now that you know about all these tripods, just start experimenting and embark on your journey to become a professional photographer, or even a movie-maker. But remember, this is just a tool. Professional photographers are really skilled with just their hands too, and not using a tripod provides you with a lot more flexibility with regards to angles and lighting.

It is you who must decide what is right for the particular photo or video that you are making.


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    • prohelp profile image

      Nadeem 3 years ago from India

      It's really hard to decide which tripod an amateur photographer like me should buy. I have a canon powershot camera and sometimes I loved trying some macro photography. So I always wanted a tripod and searched in the google and different forums. I ended up buying this manfrotto tripod It's under $200 range, but it will be an investment for amateur photographers who doesn't want to use big zoom lenses. But if you are into bird photography, you should buy like this Gitzo one here, this doesn't have a head though. You need to buy a separate ball head for it.

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I had just purchased the promaster and so far I'm happy with it because it folds up and is portable. A little pricey though but so far I do like it. Good to know about the tripods you posted as well and I like how you varied them with the price ranges. Thanks for posting.

    • profile image

      Adrian 5 years ago

      I own a Canon powershot sx40 hs i do a lot of everything pictures. I do a lot of nature and outdoor pictures, as well as indoor pictures of my kids and anything else. So Im not quiet sure what tripod to get? any tips please, thank you :)

    • hathibelagal profile image

      hathibelagal 7 years ago from A jungle inn

      hey, glad I could help.

    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      I need to get a tripod, thank you for sharing this.