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Top 5 First Aid Kit Items to Have at Home

Updated on June 8, 2017

While no one likes to get injured, sometimes we can't just avoid injuries. It is, as such, important to ensure that you have the tools to administer some first aid and keep your injured part safe from infections.

A first aid kit contains the essential items needed to quell pain and dress a wounded part. In this guide, we discuss on 5 important first aid kit tools that you should have at home.

1. Velcro.

Is a fastening product from Vecro company. It has a structured fabric hook and loop making it among the most popular. It can be used to piece bandages together in case of an accident.

2. Self adhesive fabric fastener.

3. Disposable sterile gloves.

When an accident happens at home, you won't have time to rush over to the pharmacist and buy some new gloves. It's a good idea, then, that you always keep a disposable pair of gloves that you can use when the unforeseen happens.

4. Sterile needles.

A sterile needle

5. Scissors.

Scissors are utmost important in a first aid kit. They can be used to tear pieces of bandages which can then be used to dress a wounded area. They can also be used to cut down a used bandage so as a new one can be put in place.


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    • Diana Abrahamson profile image

      Diana Abrahamson 4 months ago from t Francis Bay

      You never know when one will need a first aid kit. This one looks very light and compact.