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Try Making Personalized Wire Name Jewelry For Fun And Profit

Updated on June 28, 2013

Wire Name Necklace

Have you ever wanted to start making your own jewelry? Or have you ever thought about starting your own jewelry making business? If you have, there are some simple but unique kinds of jewelry that are quick and easy to learn to make. AND these kinds of jewelry are unique, won’t cost much to get into and can actually sell very well early on in your business. So why not try making wire name jewelry for fun and profit?

Wire jewelry is an appealing and interesting kind of jewelry to make. There are many ways of working with wire to choose from, each method varying in complexity. It’s a wonderful way to begin making jewelry because you can start with simple techniques (that actually sell well) and grow your skills as you choose. Some of these techniques adapt beautifully for beginners who don’t necessarily have a lot of cash to invest.

Wire wrapped jewelry is one of those techniques that has been extremely popular for several years now because it’s simple to combine wire with all kinds of beads and you still have lots of room for creativity. It can teach you how to manipulate wire extremely well, doesn’t cost a fortune and requires very few tools. With very limited wire skills, a lot of women have been able to do quick pieces often rather nicely with wire wrapped jewelry. Unfortunately, so many have done this type of wirework for so long, it’s viability for making and selling jewelry has diminished.

As with most things, trends pass, markets get flooded and trends die out. Fashion and jewelry trends are particularly subject to these kinds of shifts. So how could you take the wire manipulating skills you may have already acquired and direct them towards something fresh, exciting and potentially lucrative? Again, why not try making wire name jewelry?

Even if you’ve never been a wire wrapping art jeweler, learning to make wire name jewelry has a small learning curve and after investing only a few short hours of time, you could be creating your first saleable pieces of jewelry. Seriously.

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when name jewelry became popular, it does pre-date the Civil War and like all good things, keeps popping up again in all its charm.

Personalized jewelry, be it wire name jewelry, name etched jewelry or charm name letters, can be uniquely powerful and well, very personal gifts for special or commemorative occasions. I made one for my daughter’s 16th birthday to put a special stamp on the day for her. Plus, I really just wanted to make her something that I put my time into. I made her name necklace in silver and attached it to a beautiful, delicate sterling chain.

Personalized wire name jewelry is also part of a growing trend and possibly a very lucrative jewelry making endeavor right now. With Christmas approaching in a struggling economy, making wire name jewelry offers some cost efficient aspects: first, you could save yourself some money this holiday season by making your gifts. Wouldn’t it be delightful to give your grand daughters, daughters and other beloved friends their own name jewelry? Easy on your pocket as well. Also, I’ve personally witnessed the second potential benefit of making wire name jewelry: it seems to sell like hotcakes! While I’ve just seen a few art fair booths with this recently, they were bustling with customers. As I said, this is a popular trend.

Andy Turner, a wire name jewelry artist, has made a living from his personalized jewelry for many years and he’s recently made his very thorough, fool proof book called, WIRE WRITING SECRETS: HOW TO MAKE PERSONALIZED WIRE JEWELRY available. While I first thought writing names would be a simple matter, Andy takes learning this craft to a new level and covers every issue in this extensively detailed document. Exhaustive, step by step instructions make personalized name writing jewelry a very real possibility for any aspiring jewelry maker.

Wire Wrapping: How To Make Beads With Wire

If you're interested in learning about working with wire to make wire jewelry, then you might want to take a look at: Wire Wrapping: Book Review: MAKE WIRE BEADS 2011. This bestseller will show you some unique wire wrapping techniques that will allow you to create forty four different kinds of wire beads for wire jewelry making. Check it out!


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