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Using Mod Podge for your Artworks

Updated on January 4, 2013

One of the many important materials you will need when creating your artwork is glue. Glues were patented during 1750, and the very first glue patent was issued in Great Britain. It was created from fish and during those times, patents were quickly issued for adhesives making use of animal bones, fish, milk protein or casein, starch and rubber.

Glues are really helpful when sticking things most especially for artworks since glue can stick different materials you have in completing your projects.

As time goes by, crafters have discovered a type of glue, not just a regular glue but an all-in-one glue. It can be used as a sealer or for finishing touches. It is called “Mod Podge”. Nowadays, most crafters use mod podge for their artworks since mod podge can be easily used and is less messy as compared to the regular glue that we use.

This type of glue is non-toxic and are water base making the mess easy to clean. This glue are famous when creating collage since it’s a good sealant and a varnish as well providing your artwork with a “shiny texture” that’s why they call it an all-in-one glue.

So if you want a clean finish for your crafts and an all-in-one glue, try using mod podge now!

Happy Crafting!


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