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Valentine Crafts for Kids

Updated on January 21, 2011

Cupid Valentine

Cupid Valentine
Cupid Valentine

Cupid Valentine made from hand and footprints




sturdy card stock or construction paper

markers or crayons

close up picture of child

Have child trace both hands and both feet on card stock or construction paper. If younger child, have adult cut out.

Place the feet together, I like to put the arches to the outside, it makes a prettier robe for cupid. Glue them together

Glue the hands or wings onto the back of the feet.

Cut out the childs face and glue to the top of the feet.

Allow the child to decorate cupid with hearts and special messages for their valentine!

This makes a perfect gift for grandparents and other important people in your childs life. Don't forget to mark the back with your childs age and date. Make one each year and watch Cupid grow!!

Coffee filter flowers
Coffee filter flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers


coffee filters

straw coffee stirs

markers or crayons


Have child color 4-5 coffee filters, top and bottom

stack the filters on top of each other and find the center.  Put the childs finger in the middle and fold the filters up and around the finger.  twist on the bottom to help make a point.

take 5 or 6 straws and tape them together at the bottom.  Make sure they are secure.

Spread the straws open at the top and slip the twisted filter point inside.  Tape this together well, it needs lots of tape.

Spread the filters out and make a beautiful flower.  Make several and have a bouquet.  Paint and decorate a tin can as a vase!


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