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Vector Illustration - Miku Hatsune

Updated on November 27, 2011
this is the image provided to be trace
this is the image provided to be trace | Source

I was asked to vectorised this Miku Hatsune character from provided (googled source of course) jpeg image to scale-able vector graphic format, adobe illustrator - ai or eps. So when first I got this image email to me, I'm not really knew about this Miku at the first place.. lol.

It seems a bit complicated at first, but I managed to look at it parts by parts, you have to use your imagination, I mean from her naked body to her complete dress ;) Then you will got the steps where to start.

Anyway I will show in brief the 6 steps how to completes the job, trace and illustrate it. I'm using Adobe Illustrator with standard mouse (just to be mention). The methods are simply pen tools to trace and a bit gradient mesh to be apply.

the naked body to encourage passion
the naked body to encourage passion

1. The Body

Pen Tool as the basic tracing tool to shape the body. Start with basic tone skin color, then I gradient meshed it to have some lite & darker tones.

Why I draw almost the whole body instead of just appeared body parts?
Simply I need the proportion and the body posture perfectly to draw other elements, not just a loose / separate head, hands, legs. In fact with the whole body exist will looks better is it?

Tips: you can 'upcycle the body' for another project. (that is the point.. lol)

ok looks like proportionate with hands & legs
ok looks like proportionate with hands & legs

2 Hands & Legs

Now trace and complete the hands & the legs as the source image.

The black hand's accessories & the long black boot using gradient mesh, but the small green portion just a gradient tones.

You can adjust the light & shadow effect, it's up to you.

show your smile ; )
show your smile ; )

3 The face

Complete the face, to give some mood to your passion ;)

Click the image for full view

now u see now u don't
now u see now u don't

4 Skirt

Ok now provide the mini skirt.. don't let her naked all the time..

This time more complicated gradient mesh technic required to create curves and to follow the contour.

Always remember there are a lot of 'gradient mesh' tutorials on youtube you can find and try.

looks naughty skinhead girl
looks naughty skinhead girl

5 Dress Up

Complete her dress, again I'm using gradient mesh to creates the uneven tones.

Not necessarily to follow the source image, try to imagine where the light (brightness) and shadow (dark area) supposed to be.

In case you want to adjust the grey tone to be lighter, (as my friend asked me) simply go to top menu, find Edit Colors > Color Balance.. adjust it, the overall gradient mesh will change.

In (Illustrator CS3) > Edit > Edit Colors > Color Balance - then adjust either RGB or CMYK.

Miku Hatsune
Miku Hatsune

6 Hair

The long teal color hair, I guess this is the dominant character of Miku Hatsune have that made her famous.

Well trace it, the main hair - color it with normal gradients. The inside portion - draw some shapes for light & shadow effect as the source image.

Last but not least, the headphone with mic to completes her action, dancing and singing.

Hope these steps might show some idea how we can trace / illustrate some complicated images.. thanks ;)


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    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 3 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Very nice hub! I love Miku and graphics therefore A+ from me.

      In your last comment you said it's a complicated process to explain in detail, well a picture is worth a million words, and a chain of pictures make a video so if you want to serve over 2 billion words (like hamburgers from McDonalds) I'd suggest making a tut vid to complement your hub!

      Great job regardless and MORE HUBS!


    • vectorism profile image

      vectorism 5 years ago

      thanks vector design.. its complicated process to explain in detail.. lol

    • Vector design profile image

      Saim 5 years ago from California

      Really nice share. i like these illustrations of vector making. thanks for sharing.If you explain step by step how you do this then its more useful for us.

    • vectorism profile image

      vectorism 6 years ago

      thanks 3apak.. ahaha

    • profile image

      3apak 6 years ago

      very nice....

    • vectorism profile image

      vectorism 6 years ago

      melbel: thanks will check on it ; )

      molometer: thanks.. i think i'd mentioned above but perhaps too general for non artist/designer.. well i guess i've to make some detail tutorials ;P

      p/s: 1 of the bad thing about social media is i always forgot for any new community sites i joined.. (checking emails update need to filter spams) lol..

    • molometer profile image

      molometer 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very interesting, how did you do it?

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Shebel 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      Oh dur.. I totally saw the word Adobe and for some reason thought PhotoShop and I know durn well that PhotoShop doesn't make vector images.

      I've used Inkscape in the past, which I enjoyed. I'll have to give it a shot again.

      As for doing well on HubPages, I totally recommend checking out the Learning Center. Sounds like a generic answer, but it's really where I learned everything there is to know about doing well on HubPages.

    • vectorism profile image

      vectorism 6 years ago

      hi melbel.. hey u r in EmpireAvenue rite..? ;)

      thanks for ur kind words.. its not photoshop actually.. i'm using illustrator (the photoshop's cousin) ;P

      this is a freelance job for my client.. to trace the image (from jpeg to vector) for large format printing..

      sure u can do better if u got passion in illustration..

      thanks for ur rate ;)

      p/s: i'm still new in this hubpages, pls give me some tips ;)

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Shebel 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      This is really cool! How did you do this? I don't know a lot about PhotoShop, but I would love to make something really cool like this! Interesting hub, rated up!


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