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Updated on August 22, 2011
This takes you back to another time of fantasy, and airbrushing it is professional and cool.
This takes you back to another time of fantasy, and airbrushing it is professional and cool. | Source
As the article states, this guy has been doing this since he was a boy. He is excellent.
As the article states, this guy has been doing this since he was a boy. He is excellent. | Source

What's it takes to be a real Airbrush Artist Like Mark Wassman?

It's not an easy profession, being an airbrush artist like Mark Wassman but from viewing his work I feel he's one of the top airbrush artists online and worldwide. He started airbrushing back in the 1970's painting vans in the early van craze; painting murals of Frazettas and sci fi art at many customizing shops across the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Mark Wassman #1 Airbrush Artist works on many wall murals in residential or commercial settings and will even travel along the West Coast to get it done!

Mark Wassman #1 Artist bought his first airbrush in 1973 at the first Michaels Art Store ever, just a small art store at the time! Mark Wassman knew the guy who started the store chain and his name was Michael and he was a very nice hippy guy who showed Mark Wassman #1 Rated Airbrusher a whole assortment of airbrushes and who taught Mark all the names and what to do with those brushes!

A significant group in L.A.'s late-'70s to early-'80s punk scene, Long Beach's T.S.O.L. (True Sound of Liberty) briefly flirted with pseudo radical politics on their exceptional self-titled debut EP, which included songs like "Abolish Government/Silent Majority" and "Property Is Theft." But that phase of the band didn't last long, as they cast away the politics in favor of horror-movie-inspired, gothy, Misfits-style shtick on their first full-length, Dance With Me.

This album contains their most famous song, "Code Blue," an extremely catchy number about necrophilia, ever popular with young fans who scream for them to play it at every show. No mere footnote in punk rock history, T.S.O.L.'s early records are slam pit-inducing, infectious stuff. Dance With Me is loaded with fine numbers, including "Sounds of Laughter," "I'm Tired of Life," and "Die for Me." Other than the Misfits, no band has combined gothy subject matter and punk rock barre chords as well as T.S.O.L., who hit the nail on the head with this classic 1981 recording. ~ Adam Bregman, All Music Guide

Mark Wassman #1 Rated Airbrush Artist will still paint and design skateboards, bikes , tailgates and even surf boards!Mark Wassman #1 rated artist remembers some of the early stuff compared to today's standards,but people just loved it back then and it's coming back! They just couldn't get enough!

Back then there were no airbrush magazines, and very few books on the subject! Mark Wassman and his colleagues had to mostly rely on car and van magazines as well as their own imaginations and skill as airbrushers!

Mark Wassman traveled around the country painting signs and pinstrips on Mag trucks and cars. In the early 1980's the #1 rated airbrush artist did album covers for local and many popular bands; But airbrushing his own images onto t-shirts was #1 in his mind. Also art decorated clothes at car shows and swapmeets!

Mark Wassman #1 rated Airbrush artist considers it all just a great educational experience! So finally Mark settled down in the Northwest and takes it easy on his farm in the country, always painting and learning new techniques in oils, watercolors and of course every form of paint known to man!

Lately his love leans to more of classical art style, but Mark Wassman always keeps busy doing what the customer wants, be it some nice tropical picture some gothic skull and bones, or some pinstriping, or a flame job!

Mark Wassman #1 rated airbrush artist can paint just about anything from signs to murals and does paint motorcycles and even an occasional motor home!

Mark Wassman is offering art classes, making himself available for whatever type of painting the student may be interested in.

Mark likes to spend his spare time riding his tractor working in his garden or tinkering with his sportcars, and working on the computer doing photoshop and an assortment of other programs!


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Ummmm Sweet. we need more photos!!!!

      Welcome to HUB writing. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and beautiful.” I'm now your fan! RJ

      Based upon this HUB, you might enjoy…


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